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The Government of Jalisco awarded the 2024 Jalisco Entrepreneurship Award to the winners of this third edition, which seeks to encourage the creation of more and better companies.

This award is given in follow-up to the Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the State of Jalisco by Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT)the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO) and the General Strategic Coordination of Economic Growth and Development, with the purpose of encouraging and inspiring more people from Jalisco to create their own businesses.

“This is the third edition of the Jalisco Entrepreneurship Award, so it is very appropriate to say: Omnetrium perfectum, everything that comes in threes is perfect. This is proof that we do things the Jalisco way: Pullers, Winners, Leaders, Innovators, Socially Responsible, Co-Responsible and Optimists. This is a land of winners, entrepreneurs and pro-business and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and contribute a grain of sand to the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Xavier Orendáin De Obeso, Strategic General Coordinator for Economic Growth and Development.

For his part, the owner of the SICyT, Alfonso Pompa Padilla She thanked the participants and the entrepreneurs from Jalisco. “To the finalists who are here present from the four categories, for what they have done as entrepreneurs, for participating in the award category, for being here and for continuing to grow the economy of Jalisco,” added Pompa Padilla.

The call had four categories: High Impact Entrepreneurship, where Marte Arturo Cázarez Duarte won with his Desserto venture; and Traditional Entrepreneurship, where Héctor Ruvalcaba Mejía won with his company Alicia Global.

In the Outstanding Entrepreneur category, Denisse Reynoso Barragán was the winner with her project Gardenia Naturals, and finally Jorge Eduardo Casillas Navarro, with his venture EVOBAC, was the winner in Entrepreneurship in Favor of Integrity and Social Responsibility.

Each of the winners received 170 thousand pesos, priority access to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers (REDi)specialized mentoring, 50% scholarships for diplomas or courses at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, among other benefits.

The efforts of the key players who drive the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jalisco were also recognized, and the Award for Inspiration and Promotion of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem was given to Marisa Lazo Corvera.

During the award ceremony, they took a few minutes to pay tribute to César Castro Rodriguez who was Coordinator of Industrialists Jalisco in the period 2022-2024.

“Great people are recognized by the mark they leave behind. César Castro, in his time at different companies such as Jabil, Index, Canieti, and Industriales Jalisco, marked a new way of doing things,” said Roberto Arechederra, head of the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO).

César Castro was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to his family during the 2024 Jalisco Entrepreneurship Award ceremony.

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