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A total of 1001 second year high school students have faced extraordinary tests of the Evau (Evaluation for University Access) from July 2 to 4 in Aragon, the ‘bogeyman’ of every student. Three days of exams will determine the university admission grade, the grade with which each student competes for a place in the chosen faculty.

The admission grade is calculated multiplying the Baccalaureate grade by 0.6 and adding the Evau grade multiplied by 0.4. To this figure we must add the two weighted ratings of the voluntary phase.

Most of those who took the old Selectividad will wonder why now The highest grade is a 14 and not a 10. The answer is that the grade of the Compulsory Phase of Selectividad is added to the grade of the subjects of the voluntary phase (completely optional) that allow adding up to 4 points to the final grade, something highly recommended if the degree you are going to study is in high demand and has a very high cut-off mark.

How to calculate the university entrance grade

These are the four key points to consider when calculating your university entrance grade:

  • Average of the two courses of Baccalaureate
  • ​Note obtained in the Mandatory Phase of the Selectivity
  • Note of the Voluntary Phase of the Selectivity
  • Weightings depending on the degree to be studied

News in the mandatory phase

All students who take the Evau They must pass at least four exams: those of the compulsory phase. Each test is scored from 0 to 10 and the General Phase score is the arithmetic mean of all the exams. To pass the exam, the result must be at least 4. These are the subjects to be examined:

  • Spanish Language and Literature II
  • History of Spain or History of Philosophy
  • First Foreign Language (German, English or French)
  • A subject of the Baccalaureate modality studied

By For the first time you can choose at this stage between taking the History of Spain or History of Philosophy exam. In addition, subjects are added to the list of compulsory subjects, many of them from the artistic baccalaureate:

  • Musical Analysis II
  • Performing Arts II
  • General sciences
  • Artistic drawing II
  • ​Latin
  • Applied Mathematics II
  • Mathematics II

If the average grade of the Compulsory Phase of the Evau is more than 4, a weighted average will be made with the Baccalaureate grade to obtain the University Access grade to which the points will be added of the voluntary phase (if any).

How to add 4 more points to your Selectividad grade

Those who apply for the Voluntary Phase of Selectivity They must add to the entrance grade (which is a maximum of 10) the result of the weighting of the voluntary subjects. The law allows students to take the exam up to 4 subjects, in this phase but only the two best grades obtained will count. The result of the subjects is multiplied by 0.1 or 0.2 (depending on the weighting of each degree and University).

The variety of subjects that students can take exams has been increased with 10 more options such as Choir and Vocal Technique II, Musical Analysis, History of Music and Dance; Dramatic Literature; Artistic Drawing II; Technical Drawing Applied to the Plastic Arts and Design II; Graphic-Plastic Expression Techniques, etc.

Es essential requirement to have obtained a 5 or more in the voluntary phase exams. Otherwise, it is not taken into account. If you get a 10 in a subject that is weighted 0.2, your entrance grade would increase by 2 points with a maximum of 4 points.

Thus, the The final calculation of the university entrance grade is: (baccalaureate grade x 0.6) + (General Evau grade x 0.4) + (weighting of the voluntary phase grades). This grade will be the University Admission Grade and its maximum score will be 14.

Unizar’s automatic calculator

To make the work easier for students, the University of Zaragoza has a Evau grade simulator which calculates the weighted access grade for each of the studies offered by the Aragonese faculties. ( In this case, you only have to include the grade for each subject to know the final score.

Evau notes simulator
Zaragoza’s University

What day are the results of the Evau published?

Los Students will be able to consult the results of the Evau online and in a personalized manner starting on July 12accessing the virtual secretary with the credentials provided by the University. Applications for second correction They will be presented through the aforementioned virtual secretariat, between the days July 11-15. The ballots will be provisional, in any case, during the period established to request a second correction.

Those who do not request a second correction will be able to access the ballot definitive as of July 16. The rest of the students will obtain the final ballot after the publication of the results of the second correction, July 22.

And there is a second correction In some subjects it will be carried out by specialized teachers of the subject other than those of the first correction. Test score will be the arithmetic mean of the two corrections. If there is a difference of two or more points between the two grades, a third correction will be made and in this case an average of the three will be taken.

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