Digital and high-profile leadership in Colombian politics

We are where we are because the country has been indifferent for more than half a century, allowing revolutionaries turned bloodthirsty criminals in search of power to opt for a violent fight against society, legality, freedoms and human dignity, committing kidnappings, rapes and homicides that are totally punishable, unnecessary and unjustified.

The book, Gloria Lara «Flower of Hope» of Light Maria Echeverri Laratells the story of the life and social work of her mother who, with a true vocation for community service, provided assistance to those most in need, working with all communal actions and with indigenous communities throughout the country.

Faithfully documents your tortuous kidnapping and vile murderand the way in which the media, the government, some politicians and judges of the time influenced the escape from the country of those who committed this horrendous assassination and cowardly femicide. She was a victim of the hatred, envy and resentment of terrorist groups like some of those who are now in power with impunity.

More than 70,000 communal and indigenous people from all over the country accompanied her on the day of her unjust departure

Gloria, supported by her husband and children, dedicated a good part of her life and money to selfless service to the community. For this reason, people adored her and in November 1982 more than 70,000 community members and indigenous people from all over the country accompanied her on the day of her unjust departure.

Without justice

Faced with the helplessness caused by the lack of punishment, one thinks with pain of all the victims of violence who have been denied the truth in the face of so many crimes against humanity that have been ignored and left unpunished by the politicized and ideologized Colombian justice system.

Sadly, the country abandoned all the social work that was done from the liberal base, where Gloria Lara She was a leader who, without presidential or parliamentary aspirations, died sacrificed by those who claim to defend the people.

Looking at the past and comparing, it is concluded that, with very few exceptions, the current union leaders and public figures dedicated to politics are shameful, since none of them demonstrate with their actions a true desire for social service.

Today, the vast majority of public officials and candidates for public office only live to worship, pay homage and boast about their own vanity filled with fallacies and figurative anxiety, in a digital world as superfluous as it is distant from reality and people’s problems.

There is not a single one of the alleged media candidates for the Presidency of the Republic who offers real and tangible solutions to the problems of the citizens they want to represent.

And when reviewing the list of 42 names surveyed by Guarumo, there is not a single one of the presumed media candidates for the Presidency of the Republic who is dedicated to doing social work and who offers real and tangible solutions to the problems of the citizens they want to represent.

They talk a lot of good things, but none of them do anything in terms of child nutrition, preventive medicine, diagnosis, medication, outpatient treatment, shelter, legal assistance, nor do they coordinate communal self-construction and self-financing programs, nor technical training or education. Today, no public figure dedicates his or her own or private resources to planning and properly managing a municipality or cooperative without bureaucracy or dubious contracts.

Today politicians only give the people speeches, tweets, interviews, photos and videos. They invest exorbitant amounts in their ratings, their only goal is to be elected so they can profit from the distribution of the treasury and the bazaar of state contracts.

Look at the parties and there are no suitability filters to give endorsements, nor is there any help to the communities

If you look at the parties, there are no suitability filters for granting endorsements, there is no help for the communities, not even digital literacy, English or sewing, but if you look at how FECODE and the Comunes (FARC-EP) spend fortunes on radio and television commercials.


The country is extremely multipolarized and plagued by public and private vanities and individualisms. I respectfully exclude a few politicians and businessmen who do great social work in silence; a responsibility that does not extend to the unions that represent them.

Sadly, there is no leader who represents the 90% of the population that is fed up with parties and politicians, and fed up with collegiate bodies, an administrative system and a justice system, that are ideologized, corrupt or so politically correct that they are totally ineffective.

As it did Gloria Laraand even though many only use denigrating their person so they can appear, here the only one that many people identify with is Uribefor his authentic, simple and direct way of being, because he brought the protective and helping hand of the State to the regions in its Community Councils.

Colombia needs to stop using so much individualistic digital leadership and urgently form community movements based on social work as the only real way to fight together for the recovery of legal and economic freedom, so crushed by clientelism, corrupt politicking and the narco-terrorist totalitarianism of 21st century socialism.

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