Child’s incident with his gelatins goes viral on social media

MEXICO CITY, July 10 (EL UNIVERSAL).- A video captured by a passerby and shared on social media shows how The community came together to help a child who had suffered an accident while selling gelatin in the streets of the Historic Center of the CMexico City.

—Child throws away gelatins he was selling on the streets of CDMX

Through TikTok, the account of @mauriciolopez2005 shared an emotional moment that quickly It went viralIn the images, you can see a group of people approaching a child who had spilled much of his jellies while trying to sell them.

The little boy, about 6 years old, could not prevent more than 20 cups of gelatin will fall to the ground, leaving him in a desperate situation.

The incident occurred when the boy, in his attempt to sell his gelatins, tripped and spilled half of his merchandise. Despite his young age, this little boy works daily on the streets to earn his daily bread. At that moment, the child’s anguish was palpable, since his product had ended up scattered on the sidewalk, apparently with no possibility of recovering it.

The reaction of the people around him was immediate and moving.More than 15 passers-by, men and women, moved by the situation, began to give him money to compensate for the loss of his merchandise.

Others are They offered to buy the spilled gelatin so that the child would not feel bad. and not lose the day’s earnings. The solidarity and empathy demonstrated transformed a bad day into an act of kindness and community support.

The video quickly went viral and generated a wave of positive comments and support for the boy and the people who helped him. Among the comments that stand out are: “The anxiety of the little boy moving his hand on his leg, thank you to everyone who supported him,” “I do believe that hard-working little boy,” “The people of this country are so beautiful,” “I felt so nice when they helped him,” “Nothing like the lovely people of Mexico,” and “It made me cry, how I miss my land.”

To date, the video has more than 3 million views and more than 500,000 likes, highlighting the community’s ability to come together and show its human side in times of need.

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