Coup of authority

Coup of authorityEfe

Another day of great spectacle in the Tour. stage to remember The Massif Central, where many things have been seen. Let’s start with the approach. The UAE has ridden well, trying to wrap up the Tour. They have done what they had to do. They went very fast, they have made the race harder and Pogacar has attacked. The expected script. In that aspect, you can’t blame him, but he has found himself up against that rider that we all saw as going further, with Vingegaard. The Dane has shown an excellent version, very close to what he is. We knew that if he got through the first week without losing too much time, the Dane would have a chance of winning the Tour. He has made a strong impact on the Massif Central. Beyond beating Pogacar, it’s how. He hasn’t gained time, but the Tour is different. Has come back After the Slovenian’s attack, he took all the disadvantage of the descent on the climb. He also beat him in the sprint to the finish. It’s a huge psychological victory for Vingegaard, who just three months ago was broken by a fall in the Itzulia. After what we’ve seen, morale is going to change. Visma is coming out very strong and Vingegaard even more so. Everyone in the peloton is going to notice it. The race is going to start in a different way. If doubts appear in the UAE, they will have a problem. The difference between the two teams has always been that Visma has no doubts. From my point of view, the UAE has to keep trying to make the Dane have a bad day. Pogacar maintains the lead, but given what has happened and what has happened in the last two Tours, he can’t wait to get to the last week like this. From there, we have Evenepoel and Roglic. I still have doubts about whether the Belgian will hold out in the third week. Roglic seems to be getting better. The rest of the riders are two steps behind the podium contenders and are further ahead of Pogacar and Vingegaard. The Massif Central has cleared the way for the Tour, which is tightening with the Dane’s victory.

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