The Guggenheim Museum is planning Art&Music, an event to enjoy the coolest atmosphere in Bilbao with live jazz

Programa Art&Music del Museo GuggenheimJose Mari Martinez


That atmosphere so typical of summerthat dense air that envelops everything, was experienced again in the terrace of the Guggenheim museumwhere art lived outdoors captivates. Vibrant chords, rhythm and sound, the swing that is so admired and the flow that is so relaxing and all the Captivating attraction of jazz envelop the summer sunsets on the terrace of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which will host every Wednesday, as in the past, a new edition of the programa Art & Music Summer EditionSeven days ago, the Chickjuarez trio opened its doors to the palace. It is a group made up of David Juárez on piano, Ander García on double bass and Aritza Castro on drums. Yesterday, they were replaced by FS Standards Quartet, a band formed by Andoni Aizpuru on saxophone, Richie Salvador on piano, Fran Serrano on double bass and again Aritza Castro sitting on the drum throne. They were delighted by the audience.

Before I go into detail about what happened yesterday, let me tell you that next Wednesday will appear on the scene Carlos Velascoa veteran musician who, in addition to being known for his jazz, blues and rock projects, has played on albums by Dynamite for the Chickens, Jeanette, Armando Manzanero and other names, even more commercial, such as Mocedades, Raúl Diblasio or Alejandro Sanz. On this occasion he will be with his band Jazz of the Season 4tet and what he promises is an afternoon worth rejoicing in. The programme will run from Wednesday to Wednesday until the end of August. A real treat for the soul and fire for the heart.

Celebrated its second hot Wednesday in July with the performance of FS Standards Quartet that dazzled

Let us enter, however, on the terrace yesterday, with the weather favouring the concert. Among the tables moved a man from Jazzon like Gorka Reino, organiser of the Wednesday recitals – since 2020, times of pandemic, it was decided to offer the concerts on the terrace but Gorka remembered that in 2007 he already organised the August concerts inside the museum. Today the concerts are held on the terrace. concerts of Aste Nagusia have joined the programme…–, waiting for everything to flow. People arrived at the event in dribs and drabs until they filled the terrace. The event was attended by two trumpet players with a long career and a lot of skill, such as the neurologist José Larracoechea and Raimundo Flores, Mundi; Josune Balerdi; the young Lucía Humanes and Daniela Pineda; Iratxe Salido, the leading voice in the organisation of the terrace, Marisa Olmos, Javier Muguruza, Isabel Iriarte, Belén Bilbao, Begoña Rodríguez, Carmen Galeano and Leticia Diego de Somonte among other music lovers who enjoyed a recital that captivated the people who attended the jazz meeting. If you consider that in the kiosk below, next to the swings and the fountain located at the foot of the museum, another open-door jazz recital was playing (to attend the museum concert you had to pay, with the right to two drinks: 13 bucks a pop…) one would say that the sky of Bilbao was covered in clouds with the music of New Orleans.

Let’s continue our walk around the museum’s terrace. Luz Angulo, Esperanza Gisbert, María Olarra, Pili Cana and Begoña Zarraoa were there, among other people. As I was saying, there were people who skipped the payment and went down the stairs in search of jazz on the banks of the river. Among them were Miguel Santamaría, Izaskun Bengoetxea, Idoia Bilbao, Javier Artetxe, Josean Hernández, Maite Zaldua, Andoni Izagirre, Begoña Palacios, Iñigo Mendia, Ander Mendizabal, Ainhoa ​​Olabarria, along with friends Sonia Etxebarria and Alazne Marín, a trio who couldn’t or didn’t want to attend the concert at the Guggenheim Museum and decided to go down; Luis Herreros, Carmen Suárez and a good group of music lovers. It was, as you can see, the afternoon of jazz, that cosmopolitan music that has conquered stages around the world. In Bilbao it is appreciated more and more every day. It is a symbol of the new times.

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