Melgosa warns that this is the last migration plan supported by Euskadi

Melgosa warns that this is the last migration plan supported by Euskadiopen

The Minister of Welfare, Youth and Democratic Challenge, Nerea Melgosa was blunt on Thursday when assessing the meeting held by the State’s communities to agree on the redistribution of unaccompanied foreign minors. “Migration policies are not made like this.”“, he expressed his displeasure.

In your opinion, the meeting at which it was adopted A Solomonic resolution to attract PP governments -which may not even be enough to maintain his pacts with Vox- “It was nothing more than a patch”“.

After almost five hours of online meeting, the representative of the Basque Government left very disappointed. That is why he announced that “this is the last plan that will be approved.”

One of Melgosa’s reasons for complaint is that The specific proposals put on the table by the executive led by Lehendakari Imanol Pradales have not been addressed. “We have brought solutions, such as the implementation of a contingency plan,” which have been of no use.he reproached.

And as a closing statement, Melgosa said: “This is a false closure”.

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