“Tarkarí de Chivo, the crime dinner” hits the cinema on November 30 (+trailer)

“Tarkarí de Chivo, the crime dinner” hits the cinema on November 30 (+trailer)
“Tarkarí de Chivo, the crime dinner” hits the cinema on November 30 (+trailer)

The Caracas group Los Pecaya was in charge of the soundtrack and music for the film.

A restaurant, a mouse, a dead man, a very particular family and a rainy and dark night are part of “Tarkarí de chivo, la cena del crime”, by Daniel Yegres and Francisco Denis, which will premiere on November 30 in the commercial cinemas.

Goat Tarkarí is not only an exquisite dish but also the name of the restaurant in the film, where the main dish is chaos.

The cast is made up of: Basilio Álvarez, the chef, head of the family and the restaurant; Diana Peñalver, his nervous wife; Daniela Alvarado, who plays the role of Laura, the soap opera daughter who is platonically in love with the fading actor, Carlos Miranda (played by Antonio Delli); Gabriel Agüero as Servando, Laura’s brother, who is also the innkeeper, clumsy bartender and frustrated pianist; and Nicole Yegres Marrero, who plays Sofía, the little (and also strange) girl of the house.

They are all suspects

Also starring is Samantha Castillo (winner of international awards for her role in the Venezuelan film “Pelo malo”), who on this occasion plays the role of Valentina Grau, an opportunistic YouTuber; in addition to Francisco Denis (acclaimed actor of “Narcos”, on Netflix, and the only Venezuelan who acts in the television series Jack Ryan, on Amazon Prime) and Karina Velásquez (“La Jaula”), who together recreate a snobbish couple with pretentiousness intellectuals.

Special mention goes to the actor and theater director Jesús Carreño, who plays the character of “El Gordo”, a strange client with a suitcase full of money, who gets involved in unexpected and funny situations after eating an ineffable bite of goat tarkarí. .

The film has been dedicated to this Venezuelan theater and film actor, who recently died, in memory of his career and invaluable contributions to the performing arts.

It is a comedy of entanglements that was filmed just before the pandemic, with a Venezuelan seal and international bill, and that was made by the experienced film production houses Humana Cine, Tunápoyweyú Productions and Tukuri Films, as well as by the work of its producers executives Eduardo González, Humberto Goncalves Lira, Daniel Yegres, Francisco Denis and Juan Carlos Yegres, who also directed the film’s photography.

The soundtrack and musicalization of the film was composed and produced by the Caracas group Los Pecaya, who to promote the project, have released the album “Tarkari de chivo Latin Soundtrack” on all digital music platforms; an interesting work that surprises its audience with an unusual variety of rhythms and melodies.

Under the musical direction of the Grammy-nominated maestro and winner of several Pepsi Music awards, Manuel Barrios, this group has a lot to say with this interesting album, which in addition to accompanying the film, stands out as a work of art with a very Caribbean flavor. Venezuelan style.

This comedy will be on the screens of Cinex and Cines Unidos starting next November 30.

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