Prime Video Alert: You have a few days to watch a powerful war drama with an ending that destroys you – Movie news

Prime Video Alert: You have a few days to watch a powerful war drama with an ending that destroys you – Movie news
Prime Video Alert: You have a few days to watch a powerful war drama with an ending that destroys you – Movie news

One of the great surprises in a year full of great cinema

In retrospect it is clear that 2007 will be remembered as one of the great years in the history of cinema. The significant number of great and essential films that were made at that time was overwhelming, almost as if the stars of art were aligning to simultaneously inspire filmmakers who delivered their great works. Among them, one of the surprising ones was Atonement.

This romantic war drama was directed by Joe Wright, one of the great British filmmakers of this century. With Keira Knightley, James McAvoy and a precocious Saoirse Ronan, this sensational film caused a sensation in all areas at the time, from the box office to the Oscars. A movie that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video for a limited time, since the Next November 30 will be the last day that is still available in streaming.

August 1935. Despite the sultry heat that affects England, the Tallis family leads a carefree life in their gigantic Victorian-style residence. Young Briony feels really happy because he has finally achieved find your true callingyou can finally be what you always wanted, a writer.

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However, not everything will be as he expects, problems lurk on the other hand when at the age of thirteen he surprises his older sister Cecilia in the arms of Robbie, the son of one of his servants. At that moment, his naive reaction to the adults’ wishes will be cause a tragedy and forever mark the destiny of the young man.

After succeeding with his adaptation of Pride and prejudice, Wright set his sights on a formidable 2001 novel that also had a period setting. Although the war context allowed him to develop another facet of his cinema, entering fully into the Second World War in a way that connects it in a peculiar way with the monumental Dunkirk.

‘Atonement’: outbreaks and romances

However, the romantic part between McAvoy and Knightley is where the film shows itself. more exciting and torrential. Both establish themselves as the interpreters of their generation, entering fully into the complexities of a particular relationship. Ronan becomes another interesting part in this protagonist triangle, showing details that have made her one of the actresses of the moment.

The ending of this movie destroyed everyone 15 years ago: It is on Prime video and it is one of the best adaptations in history

Its devastating ending is one that remains in the minds of many who saw it at the time, and was key to making it a success. 131 million dollars raised worldwide for a budget of 30 million, in addition to seven nominations for the Oscars, including best film, made it consolidate as one of the great films of an unforgettable year.

You can see Atonement on Amazon Prime Video.

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