The power of wishes

The power of wishes
The power of wishes

It is one of their biggest bets in animation for this year, but the specialized press does not seem to have liked it.

November 21, 2023, 10:50

Updated November 21, 2023, 12:23

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Disney’s dream machine is not going through its best moment. Not only is Marvel Studios experiencing the biggest failure in its history with The Marvels, but the rest of the creative arms of Mickey Mouyse’s company have accumulated several disappointments in recent months, including Walt Disney Animation Studios, which will premiere this weekend. week its lowest valued production in almost 20 years.

Previously, the mere mention of the name Disney was enough to make any animation fan’s eyes light up, while The press did not doubt the potential of his works to recommend them to parents, children and practically any viewer.. Much of that magic seems to have been lost in the changes that have been shaking the industry in recent years with the emergence of streaming platforms, to the point of having to read very discouraging reviews with one of its biggest bets in the sector, at the investment level, in recent years, Wish: The power of wishes.

In Wish: The Power of Wishes we follow Asha’s story, an optimist with a lot of ingenuity, who makes a wish so powerful that a cosmic force answers her, a small ball of unlimited energy called Star. “Together, Asha and Estrella face an imposing enemy, the Magnificent King, ruler of Rosas, to save their community and demonstrate that when a person’s will connects with the magic of the stars, wonderful things can happen.”

Only Chicken Little in 2005 was rated worse by the press than Wish

The film has a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, a rating that has not been seen in a work by Walt Disney Animation Studios for 18 years, since the premiere of Chicken Little in 2005, which only 37% of the union’s communicators liked. The reason why Wish: The Power of Wishes is not receiving good reviews is varied, but many see in it a narrative piece as flimsy as a star sticker stuck to a wall who doesn’t know how to bring back that magic of yesteryear to which the film seems to be dedicated.

Despite everything, it may do well at the box office

Wish: The Power of Wishes opens in theaters on November 24, with no clue as to when it will arrive on Disney+. His landing could well be defined by his poor financial performance, although At the moment the box office forecasts are very positive taking into account how the film will land in the United States. in time for . Specifically, a premiere of between 45 and 65 million dollars is expected with the potential to end its theatrical career with between 185 and 289 million dollars according to Box Office Pro.

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