Netflix: Carla Peterson and Julieta Daz make “Don’t break me”

Netflix: Carla Peterson and Julieta Daz make “Don’t break me”
Netflix: Carla Peterson and Julieta Daz make “Don’t break me”

Carla Peterson, Julieta Daz, Fito Pez, Esteban Lamothe and Nancy Dupla and Cecilia Dopazo are part of the Argentine comedy “Don’t break me”which has already been in theaters and will now be added to Netflix from the December 1st.

Actress Carla Peterson has been one of the first to share the announcement of the premiere on the streaming platform on her networks. The film has a duration of 93 minutes and was directed by Azul Lombarda from the script by Jazmin Rodríguez Duca.

The comedy pits two women fighting against their attacks of anger. At a certain point they come together to go together against a medical surgeon who put their lives in danger.

During its time in cinema, the film obtained very varied reviews. from those who gave him resounding applause to those who gave him the thumbs down. As always, in these cases, it all depends on how you look at it.

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“Don’t Break Me” tells the life of two women “in conflict with the passage of time, united by the desire to reveal themselves in the face of the same mandates, pressures and responsibilities. On the one hand, Angela (Peterson), a famous actress in crisis with her job and her ex-partner, on the other, Vera (Daz), a mother who divides her time between selling her artisanal creams and doing household chores. Their lives intersect in a group of women where they begin to develop a plan. to unmask an unscrupulous character”.

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