And it wasn’t Netflix: the Super Mario Bros. movie lands on streaming

And it wasn’t Netflix: the Super Mario Bros. movie lands on streaming
And it wasn’t Netflix: the Super Mario Bros. movie lands on streaming

It is true that many media outlets flooded the internet last week with alleged information about the arrival of Super Mario Bros. The Movie to streaming, but as usually happens in these cases, the hanging on foreign news doesn’t mean getting the job done and, obviously, they were wrong.

Yes, because as we told you in our program Trio of Geeks that we did last Tuesday from the Santiago International Book Fairthe very successful film that left us with an excellent animated version of several of Mario’s characters, will debut in the coming days on streaming.

And obviously It won’t be on Netflix where this adventure of the most iconic video game character arrives, since It will be HBO Max where we can enjoy this movie and do not think that it will take long, since it will happen as soon as the next Friday, December 1st.

It is not strange that it is the Warner Bros. Discovery platform the one that receives Mario in Latin America, since the same thing happened with great animated productions this year such as Minions 2: A Villain is Born and also with Puss in Boots: The Last Wishwhich although in the United States and other countries reached Netflix, on this side of the world it was HBO Max that kept the premiere rights.

And this has a simple reason and it has to do with the business alliances that reach the platforms and that in the case of Warner Bros. is related to an agreement for our sub-continent that it has with the productions of Illumination (like the case of Mario) and dreamworks (like Puss in Boots), which are studios that have shared an owner for some time.

You already know, then, starting next Friday you will be able to enjoy Super Mario Bros. The Movie in the comfort of your home through streaming so that you will surely repeat it, because if you are fans It would be very strange if they haven’t seen it alreadyconsidering also the great delay that was experienced until it reached an on demand platform.

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