What happened to Jason Biggs, the twenty-something who made a pact to lose his virginity in ‘American Pie’?

The first installment of American Pie hit theaters in 1999. The film directed by Paul Weitz, which in Spain can be seen through Amazon Prime Video and Movistar Plus+, It caused a sensation around the world, and its protagonists became true comedy stars. Some of the best known cases are those of Shannon Elizabeth, whose career has been most eccentric, Alysson Hanningan or Jason Biggs, absolute protagonist of the film.

The actor, who shared a scene with Elizabeth that would be unthinkable today, already had a great background before releasing the film, and was even nominated for an Emmy for his role in the long-lived As the World Turnsbut it was with American Pie when rose to world fame thanks to an extremely absurd humor that was predominant in the late 90s and early 2000s. After the first installment seven more came, although Jason Biggs only participated in three, in the 2000 sequel, the third part in 2003 and the 2012 reunion.

After playing Jim, Jason Biggs chained roles in cinema, especially in comedies of a very similar hue at American Pieas Jay and Silent Bob fight back (2001), where he met again with Shannon Elizebeth, although he also managed to work under Woody Allen in Everything else (2003). Additionally, she appeared in episodes of series like Frasier either Will & Grace.

Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth in ‘American Pie’

In 2006 he participated in Below zerothe husky movie starring Paul Walker, while continuing to establish itself as a comedy star thanks to movies like Above his corpse (2007) along with Eva Longoria, with which he would coincide again the following year in Lower Learning (2008), or Life Happens (2011). In 2012 he returned as Jim in American Pie: The reunion, Although little did Jason Biggs know at that time that his next big role was going to come in a series for a streaming platform.

Who is Jason Biggs in ‘Orange is the New Black’?

In addition to appearing in two episodes of The Good Wife, Jason Biggs’ career took off again thanks to Netflix, who selected him for the role of Larry Bloom in one of his first original series, Orange is the New Black. The series set in a women’s prison became one of the streaming platform’s first major productions, long before it produced films for great directors like David Fincher and his recent The Killer (either mank).

Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom in 'Orange is the New Black'
Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom in ‘Orange is the New Black’

While it appeared in Orange is the New Black reduced the number of jobs, making appearances in series of little relevance media and in films that were not very successful in theaters, although the role of Larry Bloom opened the doors of the quintessential Hollywood genre: the drama. In addition to participating in comedies Amateur Night (2016), Dear Dictator (2018) alongside the recently retired Michael Caine and the reboot of Jay and Silent Bob (2019), also got a role in the films Who We Are Now (2017) and The Subject (2020).

David Fincher and Michael Fassbender on the set of 'The Killer', the new Netflix movie

His new project, also with Netflix

Jason Biggs finishes releasing new film that was released on November 16 also on Netflix: It’s about the Christmas tape Better Christmas, Impossible!, one of the most anticipated feature films on the streaming platform for this month of November and in which he shares scenes with Heather Graham and Brandy to inaugurate the Christmas season.

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