Chola Chabuca excited about the movie of her life: “Exciting to see the trailer” | The Reventonazo of the Chola | EYE-SHOW

With mixed feelings! The program “El Reventonazo de la Chola” exclusively presented the official poster and trailer for the film “Chabuca”, which will tell the story of the beloved character and will be released in all our cinemas next April 2024.

The host also had the talented actor Sergio Armasgo on his set, who will bring to life on the big screen the character played by Ernesto Pimentel and who promises to captivate adults and children with his story of struggle and effort.

“The truth is that it was exciting to see the trailer of the film and know that there is very little left before the public can learn part of my story. Furthermore, having an actor as talented as Sergio Armasgo on my set leaves me calm that his choice to play Chola Chabuca was the best.“, expressed Ernesto Pimentel with an impressed expression.


Likewise, “El Reventonazo de la Chola” once again became the most watched program last Saturday, far surpassing its competition from Latina and ATV, consolidating it as the favorite comedy program of Peruvian families.

The space led by Ernesto Pimentel achieved an overall average of 8.6 rating points, while “The Great Celebrity Chef” only managed to add 6.8 ratings. Finally, “JB on ATV” had to be confirmed by achieving 6.2 rating points.

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