“Play or die”: behind the scenes of a curious horror film | INTERVIEW | Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu | JJ Braider | All Fun and Games | Butterfield Handle | Otis Milburn | Sex Education | Netflix | AGBO | SKIP-ENTER

“Play or die”: behind the scenes of a curious horror film | INTERVIEW | Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu | JJ Braider | All Fun and Games | Butterfield Handle | Otis Milburn | Sex Education | Netflix | AGBO | SKIP-ENTER
“Play or die”: behind the scenes of a curious horror film | INTERVIEW | Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu | JJ Braider | All Fun and Games | Butterfield Handle | Otis Milburn | Sex Education | Netflix | AGBO | SKIP-ENTER

“Play or die” comes to the big screen to terrify lovers of the genre at a propitious time: the end-of-year gatherings in which we get together as friends to pass the time, just as the protagonists of this story whose plot combines the most classic horror with a family approach that makes it unpredictable.

The story centers on a demonic figure who challenges the protagonists to play twisted versions of children’s games. But how did this idea come about? Ari Costa and Eren Celebogludirectors of the film, spoke with Saltar Intro of “El Comercio” about how they created this intriguing production.

Ari Costa explained that it all started when the original script written by JJ Braider arrived at his company, AGBO, a few years ago.

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Directors Russo, who had seen Ari and Eren’s previous work, encouraged the production of this film. “We found the hook of a demon playing twisted versions of children’s games interesting,” says Costa. After this, Costa and Celeboglu embarked on a process of rewriting characters and relationships to focus on the family drama, creating authentic roles and genuine relationships.

Natalia Dyer and Laurel Marsden in “Play or Die.”

However, what makes “Play or die” Even more intriguing is its location. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, known for its history of witch trials, the film takes on an additional layer of mystery and darkness. Ari Costa explains how Salem was initially just a background element in earlier drafts of the script. However, producers Joanne and Anthony Russo encouraged the filmmakers to fully immerse themselves in the rich history of Salem and the witch trials. The hypocrisy of that era, where women were vilified for trivial reasons, became an essential element of the narrative.

Twisted children’s games and demonic possession are key elements in the film, which begs the question: how did the filmmakers develop these elements to be genuinely terrifying? According to Eren Celeboglu, this process involved a lot of trial and error.

There aren’t many games that can result in death without looking ridiculous. It was necessary to select iconic and universal games that were played all over the world. Additionally, the games had to follow consistent rules within the context of the film so that the viewer felt immersed in the plot.

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Scary plot

“Play or die” is a film that combines several genres and subgenres of horror cinema, which poses the challenge of maintaining coherence and authenticity throughout the film. Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu are passionate fans of the genres, which inspired them to combine them in unique ways. The film, as they describe, begins with a focus on demonic possession, but as the story progresses, it evolves into a haunted house film, a demon on the loose, and a slasher film.

Asa Butterfield transforms into Play or Die.

To achieve this balance, directors emphasized the importance of respecting each gender and meeting their expectations. According to Celeboglu, “you really have to deliver what is expected of each genre and not restrict yourself. We’re not trying to figure out what the audience wants to see; “We’re trying to please ourselves as fans.”

Lastly, the film focuses on the family dynamics and the importance of the characters amidst the terrifying plot. Ari Costa reveals that, despite having limited time to film (21 days in total), they requested a week of rehearsals with the actors so they could build authentic relationships.

The leads, Asa Butterfield (known for his starring role in “Sex Education”), Natalia Dyer (from the cast of “Stranger Things”) and Benjamin Ainsworth (from “Pinocchio”), came forward a week to work together and develop genuine chemistry Additionally, the filmmakers created extensive biographies for each character and family, which provided a solid foundation for the actors despite the tight filming schedule.

At the end of the day, “Play or Die” is a horror film that promises to keep viewers in suspense and provide a terrifying and thrilling experience. The interview with Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu gives us a unique insight into the creative aspects behind this film, and we can’t wait to see how these elements translate to the big screen. If you are a lover of horror films and enjoy a fresh and exciting approach to the genre, “Play or Die” is a film that you cannot miss.

Asa Butterfield in “Play or Die.”


On billboard

Play either go dead” will be released on November 23. The film’s plot takes place in Salem, a quiet town where a group of teenagers discover an ancient dagger. “However, what seems like an intriguing find turns into a nightmare when they touch the dagger and They unleash an ancient demon. This demon eitherHe is forced to participate in deadly versions of children’s games that challenge his wits and bravery. The plot becomes entangled in a sinister game in which the characters find themselves trapped, facing twisted and deadly versions of games they once enjoyed as children.eithers. There are no winners, only survivors,” says the official synopsis.

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