‘Jason Bourne’ will have a new movie and they want Matt Damon to return once again

The action and espionage saga’Jason Bourne‘will have a new delivery soon; This has been confirmed by several American media after echoing the intentions of Universal Pictures to resurrect, once again, the franchise starring the famous actor Matt Damonwhose latest delivery, ‘Jason Bourne‘, was released in 2016. All this with the director Edward Berger (Netflix’s ‘All Quiet Up Front’) at the helm of the project, with the question of whether Matt Damon himself will return once again to his iconic role.

Agent Jason Bourne will return to action

Thus, the last installment of the ‘Bourne’ saga premiered in 2016 with ‘Jason Bourne‘, a new sequel that picked up the baton of ‘The Bourne Legacy‘ from 2012 with Jeremy Rennera sequel, in turn, to the original trilogy, released between 2002 and 2007. With the box office success of the last installment -with more than 400 million in receipts-, the film did not receive the approval of critics, which that alienated its original star from its popular saga.

Now, Universal Pictures intends to resurrect the franchise with a sixth installment that has not yet confirmed its main protagonist, a Matt Damon who seems to spend more of his time as a producer than in leading roles; Without going any further, this year we have seen the actor in ‘air‘ and ‘Oppenheimer‘, although in supporting roles, all this only after appearing in ‘Thor Love and Thunder‘ last year as a cameo.

In the absence of confirming the presence of Matt Damon in this new installment of ‘Jason Bourne‘, there is also the possibility that the new film takes the direction of the fourth part, starring Jeremy Renner, and that did not feature Damon due to the change in the direction of the film. Of course, it will still take us a while to see this new installment of the saga, since the project is in a very premature state and there isn’t even a script.

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