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December 2023 premieres on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and Star+

December 2023 premieres on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and Star+
December 2023 premieres on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and Star+

In December, take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite series and don’t miss the premieres of the movies that hit the platforms.

What’s new on Netflix for December 2023

Leaving the world behind, December 8

This drama tells the story of a family that rents a luxurious house to enjoy a retreat. But, the tranquility is abruptly interrupted when a cyber attack leaves them incommunicado and isolates them. Then two visitors surprise them. With Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke.

Netflix series

  • Sweet Home, December 1
  • The peace of Marseille, December 6
  • Heaven for two, season 3, December 12
  • The Crown, season 6, part 2, December 14
  • Yu Yu Hakusho, December 14
  • The wings of ambition, season 2, December 14
  • The Monster of Old Seoul, December 22
  • Pokemon Concierge, December 28

Netflix movies

  • My life with the Walter boys, December 7
  • Don’t break me, December 8
  • Teacher, December 20
  • Rebel Moon – Part 1: The Girl of Fire, December 22
  • Berlin, December 29

Netflix Documentary

  • Don’t call me Veal, December 15

What’s new from Disney for December 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, December 15

The legendary archaeologist returns in this highly anticipated final installment of the iconic saga. Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Antonio Banderas, among others, star.


  • Isabel Preysler: My Christmas, December 5
  • Greg’s Christmas Diary: Stuck in the Snow, December 8
  • Now and Then: the last song by the Beatles, December 13
  • What a Christmas Eve, December 15
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians, December 20
  • The mill, December 29


  • Doctor Who: The Wild Blue Farthest, December 2
  • American Horror Story: Delicate – Part One (season 12), December 6
  • Criminal Minds, season 16, December 6
  • American Horror Stories, season 3, December 8
  • Go Claus family!, season 2, December 8
  • Doctor Who: The Laughter (Special), December 9
  • Bob’s Burgers, December 13
  • Dragons of Wonderhatch, December 20
  • The Simpsons, season 35, December 20
  • What If, Season 2, December 22
  • Raffaella, December 27
  • Family Guy, season 22, December 27

Premieres on HBO Max for December 2023

Super Mario Bros: The Movie, December 1

The story of how the plumber Mario comes to the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue his brother Luigi and save this fantastic world from the fearsome Browser, with the help of Princess Peach and the anthropomorphic mushroom Toad.



  • Pagan Peak, season 3, December 1
  • Something like this, season 3, December 8

December 2023 premieres on Prime Video

The Farads, December 12

Oskar is a young man who dreams of setting up a gym and thanks to Sara, the Farads’ eldest daughter, he manages to enter the luxurious world of Costa del Sol. The Farads have questionable businesses and live in a world full of ambition, eccentricities and weapons. . A family from which he can no longer escape.


  • Christmas Street, December 1
  • Merry Little Batman, December 8
  • Your Christmas or mine, December 8
  • Santa my love, December 8


  • Midsomer Murders, season 4, December 4
  • The bad guy, December 8
  • Gigolo per case, December 21
  • Reacher, season 2, December 25

Apple TV releases for December

Family plan, December 15

Dan Morgan is a man of many identities: he is a devoted husband, a loving father, and a renowned car salesman. But, he is also a retired assassin. When his past puts his present at risk, he is forced to take his naive family on a journey like no other.


The assassins of the moon. There is no date yet, but it is known that it will soon arrive on Apple TV.

Premieres on Star Plus for December

Planners, season 2, December 15

A fiction full of drama, starring Celeste Cid and Leticia Sisilani. The series focuses on the life of Malena, an event planner who puts together a new work team while going through problems with her husband, Marcos.

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