The minions reveal the reality behind AI in the new trailer for Despicable Me 4

The minions reveal the reality behind AI in the new trailer for Despicable Me 4
The minions reveal the reality behind AI in the new trailer for Despicable Me 4

Illumination has one of the films that aspire to dominate the summer box office thanks, in large part, to everyone’s favorite yellow beings – not counting The Simpsons, of course.

A very powerful summer awaits us in 2024 in the field of film premieres. Good proof of this are the many advertisements for movies that are released in the summer weeks that arrived this morning during the broadcast of the Super Bowl LVIII. Naturally, Gru 4. Despicable Me He did not want to miss such an important date.

Illumination has become a regular at the summer box office, even in 2023, when it premiered Super Mario Bros.: The Moviewhich although it arrived in April, was still screening in the summer due to its overwhelming success.

This year, it will be the fourth installment of Gru. My favorite villain the one that seeks to dominate the box office, and we have already seen the first advances in recent weeks.

Like the trailer of Gru 4. Despicable Me It wasn’t released long ago, at Illumination they have opted for a hooligan spot to capture the public’s attention at the Super Bowl, and hooligan in this universe only means one thing: Minions.

The great secret of AI was discovered thanks to Gru 4. Despicable Me

At the top of this article you can find the spot of the movie from Illumination that, although it seems like a cheap technological advertisement of those that bombard us with on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, is ready to reveal a great truth.

At Illumination they have not missed the opportunity to promote Gru 4. Despicable Me and make fun of artistic AI and the (mis)use that is given to it today.

In reality, there are thousands of Minions who make up the surreal images generated by the AI, which is why many look like something out of a Lovecraft novel.

It is very possible that this summer we will have a great duel between two animated moviessince, in addition to Gru 4. Despicable Mepremieres Inside Out 2of Pixar. We will have to see which one prevails on the billboard.

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