New image of Alien: Romulus, the new film in the saga arriving this summer

New image of Alien: Romulus, the new film in the saga arriving this summer
New image of Alien: Romulus, the new film in the saga arriving this summer

Alien: Romulus It takes its name from Roman mythology and reflects it in the new image of the film that will fill in some gaps in the saga.

Did you miss the xenomorphs? Don’t worry, this summer they will be back in movie theaters to wreak havoc on Alien: Romulusthe new one movie of the saga that began Ridley Scott in Alien, the eighth passengerback in 1979.

Fede Alvarez takes the reins of this film that is set between the first installment and Aliens: The Returnthe 1986 film directed by James Cameron and which turned towards action to the detriment of the terror of Ridley Scott’s film.

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The Uruguayan director wants to combine both elements in Alien: Romuluswhich does not directly connect with any of the two films that surround it, nor will it do so with the saga series that it is preparing. Noah Hawley (fargo) for FX.

Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, David Jonsson, Archie Renaux, Spike Fearn and Aileen Wu They make up the main cast of Alien: Romulusand they will be the ones who face the threat that hides behind the doors of the titular laboratory.

Roman mythology in the saga Alien

If you like history and mythology, it wouldn’t take long for you to connect Alien: Romulus with the legend of the origin of Rome: Romulus and Remusthe myth of the founders of the Italian capital.

A new photo from Fede Álvarez’s film, first shared by Bloody Disgusting, shows the armored doors of the Romulus laboratorywhich gives the film its title.

As you can see, the center of the door is decorated with a mural of Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf who suckled them in Roman myth. It is not clear if there are more readings related to the legend or if it is just the allusions by the name of the laboratory, although possibly there is something to give it so much hype.

Alien: Romulus opens in theaters on August 15, 2024 to offer a new adventure to fans of one of the most bizarre science fiction sagas in history.

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