Civil War and an impressive box office debut for A24

The box office Civil War is breaking records for A24, but can it surpass the studio’s highest-grossing film?

A24 has considerable success at the box office Civil Waras it has broken records, drawing comparisons between it and the studio’s current biggest film. The independent film studio has become a much bigger player in Hollywood over the years, and Civil War represents another notable step. Alex Garland’s film, released in 2024, has the biggest budget of any A24 production, reportedly costing $50 million. That hefty price tag automatically means higher box office expectations for Civil War if you want to recover the investment of the study.

The box office Civil War It’s even more notable considering how well A24 has done with different films over the past few years. In 2019, Uncut Gems became the studio’s highest-grossing film domestically in the US, while Hereditary held the A24 global box office record after 2018. Both records fell on the box office performance of Everything Everywhere All At Once and the incredible legs that the movie managed to have. The box office Civil War is off to an incredible start, putting it in conversation with A24’s top-grossing films. Here’s how it compares to the best of the studio’s offerings.

Civil War

Civil War had A24’s biggest opening weekend box office

A24 found immediate box office success with the release of Civil War. The film easily won its opening weekend, beating Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire in its third weekend. This came when the box office for the first weekend of Civil War it reached $25.7 million over the three-day weekend. That total is already better than most of A24’s films during their entire theatrical run. This includes surpassing the film’s domestic total Ex Machina by Alex Garland, which grossed $25.4 million in 2015.

The 25.7 million dollars of Civil War set a new record for A24’s largest opening weekend in the studio’s history. It surpassed the record previously set for the opening of Hereditary of 13.5 million dollars. Ari Aster’s horror film held the record for six years before it Civil War will get over it. The mark is even more impressive considering that Civil War nearly doubled the opening weekend of Hereditary. That puts A24’s new opening weekend record in a completely different category than the studio’s previous box office releases. It should also be a good sign about the film’s potential to retain business in the future.

Civil War

Civil War’s opening weekend easily surpasses Everything Everywhere All At Once

The record opening weekend of Civil War It goes far beyond everything he did Everything Everywhere All At Once. However, this is largely due to the films’ completely different release strategies. Civil War debuted with a massive release aided by its IMAX screenings, which resulted in the film being shown in more than 3,800 movie theaters nationwide in the US. A24 had some confidence that Alex Garland’s film would do well at the box office, but that wasn’t the case for Everything Everywhere All At Once. The sci-fi action film had a limited release that added more theaters during its first month of release.

This means that the box office collection for the first weekend of Everything Everywhere All At Once was technically $501,305, as it only screened in 10 theaters. The most he earned in a single weekend was during Easter weekend 2023. Everything Everywhere All At Once it earned $7.1 million domestically over that four-day weekend, finishing in third place. The film never finished higher than this place during her entire theatrical career. However, movie theater expansions, extra attention from the Oscars and more helped boost the box office of Everything Everywhere All At Once to $77.1 million domestically and $144.4 million globally; both are A24 records.

Civil War (2024)

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