Joseph Quinn is ready to blaze his own path as the newest Human Torch

Joseph Quinn is ready to blaze his own path as the newest Human Torch
Joseph Quinn is ready to blaze his own path as the newest Human Torch

Even before his casting was officially revealed, the next from Marvel Studios The Fantastic Four movie She was always prepared to be something great. Marvel Comics’ first family hasn’t had a movie since fantastic4stic almost a decade ago (despite Fox’s best attempts), and we’re also approaching 20 years since the studios made 2000s films. Those two films have an interesting place in the superhero movie canon, especially since his Johnny Storm was Chris Evans, who went on to become Captain America for almost a decade.

Why do all hurricanes spin in the same direction?

speaking to Weekly entertainmentJoseph Quinn was asked if any previous versions of Johnny influenced his approach to the character. While he was a fan of Evans “In his day, his main concern is “making it your own.” [versión]There are “big shoes to fill,” to be sure, but he says conversations with director Matt Shakman made it clear that this movie won’t be in conversation with previous iterations like the MCU. The Spider-Man movies have their cinematic past. “There are aspects of them that are largely unique and their own. […] I’m looking forward to establishing this family dynamic with [mis coprotagonistas] and with the guidance of Matt Shakman.”

From the stars to Shakman to writers Jeff Kaplan, Ian Springer and Eric Pearson, everyone involved wants to “get[Los cuatro fantásticos] Right,” Quinn continued. According to him, this new movie will feel different from previous Marvel movies in ways it clearly can’t. he explained. But I was hopeful that the end result would be a movie that would do good for the Four and also convert anyone who is I’ve had an understandable burnout on superhero movies in recent years.

Regarding fatigue, Quinn pointed out that superhero movies have to put people before punches and bombast, nothing, which is why people watch these in the first place. That’s something The Fantastic Four aims to deliver, and something that sounds like the central ethos of the entire film: “We’re not just on a dime,” he said, “we’re making a pound on this one. Let’s give it a try.”

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on July 25, 2025, but Quinn can be seen next in A Quiet Place: Day One June 7th.

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