Rebel Moon 2 steals a scene from Justice League 2

Rebel Moon 2 steals a scene from Justice League 2
Rebel Moon 2 steals a scene from Justice League 2

Director Zack Snyder has revealed that a very important moment from Rebel Moon 2 was intended for the Justice League 2 movie.

It has already been released Rebel Moon 2 on Netflix, Zack Snyder’s new science fiction film and it is being a success. Especially because it is a mix of action, slow motion and great characters, that is, what the director likes the most. Therefore, it is normal that some ideas he had for Justice League 2 have been used now.

Attention SPOILERS. What is the scene we are talking about? It is about the moment in which the protagonists sit together and reveal things about their past and the reason why they will give everything in the upcoming battle, except for Kora who does not confess the truth to them. The conversation is accompanied by flashback.

We now know that Zack Snyder wanted to add something similar to Justice League 2: “There absolutely is a Last Supper in Justice League 2, and the scene had them telling the stories of how they got there, because Justice League 2 was going to open with us now in 10 years. And yes, Rebel Moon 2 has a similar type of structure to the Justice League 2 scene that we have. He told THR.

“At his peak, Superman was going to have to succumb to anti-life, be destroyed, turn back the clock, and then have his chance for this battle with Darkseid that would have ended the trilogy… and more or less restored his humanity. “That was our hope.”

Admittedly, there are a couple of moments of the robot Jimmy who could be Superman, with his cape and everything.

Jimmy in Rebel Moon 2

Will they make the third installment?

For now, we know that there will be no Justice League 2, since that Cinematic Universe is completely finished and James Gunn is restarting it. But, the movie that can exist is Rebel Moon 3, especially because Rebel Moon 2 leaves a part open. In this link you have more information, but it has SPOILERS.

Would you have liked to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman telling each other about battles from the past? Without a doubt, it would have been interesting but that is something that we will never see, like many other scenes and the great battle against Darkseid, although it is not ruled out that in a few years it will use other discarded ideas for other films that have nothing to do with Justice League 2.

League of Justice

Remember that Rebel Moon 2 and the previous installment are available on Netflix.

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