5 very peculiar films released in 2024 that you should see

It is likely that 2023 will be remembered for demonstrating the strength of the film industry in the midst of a surprise recovery. Of the phenomenon Barbenheimer to the most personal films by renowned directors. The truth is that last year it surprised by its quality and commitment to high-flying cinema as the essential center of its theatrical offering.

But, 2024 has an even more important merit. That of including a series of premieres, which stand out for their experimental quality, author tone and, especially, for their rarity. That, without Hollywood leaving behind the big box office hits and their most spectacular premises, focused on pure entertainment. However, after the ravages of the scriptwriters’ strike, the industry’s point of interest is to maintain quality through shocking premises. Something that has been achieved during the atypical premieres of recent years.

To prove it, we leave you five films that you should see and that will surely be remembered in the following decades for their peculiar plots. From a terrifying dystopia that imagines a devastated world to a tragic and violent romance. Everything for film lovers looking for original premises to enjoy the cinematographic world, whether in theaters or in streaming.


Caitlin Cronenberg — yes, the daughter of that David — makes his horror film debut with an uncomfortable, well-directed and tense story. In the near future, the planet exceeded its resources and capacity to deal with overpopulation.

The solution offered by the governments of the world is to reduce the number of inhabitants, through a system of selective and voluntary euthanasia. Those who “enlist” to the project will inherit all kinds of advantages to their relatives and friends. So, at first, the cruel solution seems viable.

But, as time progresses, it is evident that it is not enough. And that the measures to be taken must be more drastic, aggressive and violent. humane, manages to reimagine the topic of the environmental apocalypse, from a social and cultural perspective. In particular, by turning it into a terrifying plot due to its implications. In particular, in its ending, which suggests the possibility that the life of the human being, may become a currency of value in the not too distant future.


The well-known short film director, Robert Morgan, creates in this film a suffocating atmosphere to tell a fearsome story. She (Aisling Franciosi), He goes through a difficult family and personal situation, while trying to carry out an artistic project.

But soon, all his creative need – unsatisfied and anguished – turns into something worse, when his mother dies and the pain of grief manifests itself in an unexpected way. This is: through the puppets that She manufactures with the purpose of telling stories.

Everything will become more chilling, as Ella’s ability to artistically express her pain becomes, in itself, a supernatural element. Stopmotion mixes the pure horror genre with something darker, related to the most sinister places of human nature. Its strangest point.


Director Kiah Roache-Turner takes spider phobia as a subtext for a strange, harrowing horror story at times filled with a dark sense of humor. Especially because Sting moves away from the idea of ​​real and imaginary monsters, to delve deeper into the idea of ​​creatures, destined for destruction.

So his script — which bears more than a reasonable resemblance to Alien: The Eighth Passenger, by Ridley Scott — takes time and interest to create its atmosphere. When a girl brings what looks like a spider to the building where she lives, You will never assume that you will leave the door open to bloody carnage.

Much more than what is hidden behind the eight legs of your new friend, it is something more than an insect. In the midst of all of the above, the film advances towards unpredictable, violent places and in the end, so terrifying, enough to turn this strange gem into a premiere of rare quality.

Late Night with the Devil

Director duo Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes take the found footage genre to a new level with this visual and narrative experiment. What begins as an apparent rebroadcast of actual footage from a controversial — and forgotten — show quickly transforms into a terrifying story. That’s when the script incorporates the idea of ​​demonic possession into everything that came before.

However, the most intriguing point of the film is the way in which it analyzes good, evil and violence, based on an apparent staging. That, as a broadcast of an episode of a show in decline, becomes a violent and brutal horror, before the eyes of the spectators.

Everything will get worse when a macabre experiment that involves invoking a spirit becomes a wild display of supernatural horror. For its harrowing finale, the film demonstrated all its ability to create a dense atmosphere. Also, to analyze its most complex topics. Your point of greatest interest.

blood on the lips

Director Rose Glass turns what at first seems like a perverse and poisonous romance into a twisted plot about power and possession. When Lou (Kristen Stewart) falls in love with Jackie (Katy M. O’Brian), The chemistry between the two will turn the bond they share into a murky dependency.

Much more so, when violence and desire come together in an increasingly obsessive and cruel scenario. Glass’s film is a peculiar mix between a passionate romance – which it is – and a suspense thriller that is disconcerting due to its dark places. A rarity for the film lover looking for new proposals.

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