terror is expressed on screen with two different narratives

terror is expressed on screen with two different narratives
terror is expressed on screen with two different narratives

“Horrorland”, located in a sinister amusement park, and “Love, Lies and Blood” will be seen.

The news in the horror genre for today goes through two different expressions and narrative territories.

Fiona is the manager of the historic Liseberg amusement park; Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, it opened in 1923 and is the largest fair in Scandinavia, attracting more than three million visitors per year. It’s her turn to take care of some old high school friends who have won an exclusive visit on Halloween night: they will have the numerous attractions at their disposal to themselves. But everything quickly turns into a nightmare when they realize that they are not alone in the place, but that they begin to be confronted by their past sins, with supernatural touches.

Only by facing what they did will they be able to survive in “Horrorland”, a Swedish horror production directed by Simon Sandquist (responsible for “Posesión” and the short “Victor”, nominated for an Oscar), with references to 80s cinema and performances by Emil Algpeus, Michael Brolin and Sandra Caraan.

United States in the 80s

In “Love, Lies and Blood”, everything moves in a more natural but equally sinister way. Lou is the manager of a lonely New Mexico gym who falls madly in love with Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder addicted to steroids, who takes a break while she heads to Las Vegas to pursue her dream of winning a competition.

A SPECIAL LINK. “Love, lies and blood” between two women.

Their relationship soon leads to violence when they are drawn deeper into a family criminal network, with psychological pressures and concrete attacks amidst fierce revenge in an almost forgotten city.

The film is directed by the British Rose Glassstarring Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brianand with Ed Harris, Dave Franco, Jena Malone and Anna Baryshnikov in the cast of this romantic thriller set at the end of the 1980s, with the closing of a social and political cycle in the ultra-conservative United States, premiered with praise at the Sundance Festival and widely traveled through international events, especially in the queer and LGBT circuit.

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