Universal finally announces the first Fast & Furious roller coaster, a technological marvel that will open in 2026

Fast & Furious It is one of the highest-grossing franchises in Universal’s history, but its presence in the brand’s theme parks is quite poor. There is an attraction based on the franchise in the Hollywood and Orlando parks… but it is considered one of the worst in the world.

Fast & Furious Superchargeda simulator using 3D screens starring actors like Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez with PS3-worthy graphics, is a huge stain on Universal’s ever-rising pedigree.

But Universal Studios Hollywood, its original park, where the famous Studio Tour is located, will finally receive an attraction worthy of the saga: the roller coaster. Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift.

This will be Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, the roller coaster that will open in Hollywood 2026

“Get ready for high-speed thrills! Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2026. From innovative technology to breathtaking immersion, there’s no roller coaster like it!”

That’s the official description of the attraction on its site, without any concept art, although construction is already vertical, and over the next few weeks we will see all the pillars and tracks go up in the park.

What we do know is that it is a roller coaster “multidimensional” by Intaminthat is, the cars are attached to the train by an axle that allows them to rotate on themselves in a controlled manner.

That means, as we can see in this leaked concept art (and quite old, so it may be somewhat outdated), the trains where the passengers go rotate in 360º as if they were doing… drifting.

That’s the trick: the cars will be able to move on their axis at the same time as they go through the hills, accelerations or inversions of the attraction, giving the feeling that they are “skidding” going off the road.

It is a concept never done before, essentially similar to the Donkey Kong roller coaster also under construction at Universal, and also similar to the Uncharted roller coaster in PortAventura (same model and manufacturer) although much more advanced.

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The fact that the roller coaster is already being built, but is two years away from opening, is a good example of how technologically advanced it will be. There will be no shortage of nods to the saga in the tail (which emulates a garage) and in the cars: each one will be decorated like one of the cars from the movies.

Of course, the roller coaster will be outdoors, and not on a piece of land that is easy to build: a hill, which is what separates the two “parts” of the park. Be the first large roller coaster in the California park.

Although there are two years left for the opening of Fast & Furious: Hollywood Driftperhaps it coincides with the next film in the saga, since filming is expected to begin in 2025.

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