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Mark Hamill is undoubtedly up to date, unot one of the most recognizable faces in all of Star Wars.

Its importance in the plot, positions it as really the most relevant as far as the original story is concerned.

Since he appeared in the first film in 1977, his fame rose significantly. Which ended up making it considered imminent to this day.

This could not be otherwise, since in a certain way, his character, Luke Skywalker, is the one truly responsible for facing the dark side.

With the mystique that these tapes had, It was to be expected that there were several somewhat unknown stories about what happened on the filming set.

In fact, there is a very shocking one that has to do with a car crash that almost cost the famous actor his life.

Star Wars

A bad Mark Hamill accident that created an iconic Star Wars scene

In what has been the film industry, Many times an unplanned event occurs that ends up having an impact on what is seen on the screen.

In fact, this can happen a lot as a result of some injuries that the actors may have when filming.

This is why directors are forced to change some aspects of the plot if they have a significant impact in an obvious way.

The above situation is exactly what happened to George Lucas when he saw what happened to Mark Hamill after crashing his car, shortly before “The Empire Strikes Back” was fully filmed.

According to Vandal, this accident caused the Luke actor to suffer a fracture of the nose and his left cheekbone. Which at first glance was something cheap, considering that he could have died.

Because it was very noticeable on his face, Lucas proposed adding a scene at the beginning of this one, which is well remembered by fans.

The sequence you are talking about is the moment in which Skywalker is trapped in a cave on the planet Hoth, after being captured by a spice creature. Wampa. When the Jedi was reached by this being; He was the victim of a strong blow that affected his face. A brilliant idea that would undoubtedly justify Hamill’s appearance.

And everything turned out wonderfully, since it also ended up being one of the most remembered and famous moments of the film.

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