Early reactions to Furiosa tease another action epic

Early reactions to Furiosa tease another action epic
Early reactions to Furiosa tease another Mad Max action epic
Image: Warner Bros.

It won’t be long before we can return to George Miller’s crazy vision of the post-apocalypse in his long-awaited : Fury Road prequel furious. But while we wait, at least some people have already managed to see it: and they found a film that, although perhaps not as revealing as Fury road before that, almost as wonderful.

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The first critical reactions to furious are starting to arrive slowly, and for most people they are very excited about Miller’s return to the world of locomax 9 years of him captivating us all Fury road. But apparently furious It’s not just more Fury road, but on a different track that might throw some people off, but still delivers the kind of high-octane chaos and heart we’ve come to expect. what to expect from Miller’s work. See some more early reactions below.

furious is set to hit theaters on May 24.

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