The zombie movie ’28 Years Later’, with Danny Boyle directing and the script by Alex Garland, already has a release date

After more than two decades since the premiere of 28 Days Latera film that revitalized the horror and zombie genre (although in this film they are infected) with a new perspective and realism, the announcement of 28 Years Later has revived enthusiasm among fans. Sony Pictures recently confirmed that the third installment of this iconic series, directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, will be released June 20, 2025.

A new trilogy

The film is shaping up to be the beginning of a trilogy that will further explore the devastating consequences of a zombie pandemic. In an era where stories of viral apocalypse seem more pertinent than ever, “28 Years Later” seems set to capture the essence of contemporary global fear, combining narrative tension with an underlying social critique. Although the details of the plot are still kept secret, the expectation is that the film will expand the universe created in the previous installments, exploring new dimensions of horror and human survival. Although no details are known about whether Cillian Murphy return in some way (even if it is in the form of a flashback) to the saga, if we know that it is Executive producer of this new film.

The film has a cast led by Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (known for his work in action films such as Kick Ass and Kraven the hunter), and Jack OConnell (Unbroken). The film is a continuation of the narrative begun in 28 Days Later. Furthermore, the participation of Nia DaCosta as potential director for future installments It also suggests a direction that may bring a new point of view to the saga.

What is ’28 days later’ about?

The saga of 28 Days Later It starts with a premise where a highly contagious virus escapes from a research laboratory and spreads rapidly throughout Britain, turning those infected into frenetic and aggressive beings. The first film follows Jim, who awakens from a coma in a London hospital to discover that the city is desolate, and along with other survivors, fights to find safety and answers in a post-apocalyptic world.

28 Weeks Laterthe sequel, expands this story by reintroduce the population in London under strict military supervision, after the virus was believed to have been contained. However, a asymptomatic carrier of the virus triggers a second epidemic. The narrative focuses on a family’s desperate efforts to reunite and survive, as chaos breaks loose again, showing the persistent threat of the virus and the fragility of human security measures.

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