X-Men 97: What does THAT post-credits scene mean?

This article contains spoilers for the finale of the first season of X-Men 97
  • The first season of X-Men 97 has concluded, leaving to his heroes scattered through time between Egypt 3000 BC, and the year 3960 AD.
  • However, heThe post-credits scene of the series is set in the present, where a classic enemy of the heroes visits Genosha to apparently revive Gambit.
  • The mysterious character, supposedly Apocalypse, is getting ready be the main enemy of the second season of X-Men 97, who is estimated will make Gambit one of his Four Horsemen to fight against the X Men.

The first season of X-Men 97 has taken his audience on endless intense routes. And at the end of the series, the iconic team of mutants is sees separated and exiled in parts along the timeline, which results in Charles Xavier, Magneto, Rogue, Beast and Nightcrawler are trapped in the Egypt ancient; while Cyclops and Jean Grey, They travel to the future and encounter a young version of Wire.

However, The fate of these characters is not what has attracted the most attention of fans. of X-Men 97, Well, in the post-credits scene of the series, a classic team enemy it seems ready to conquer everything in the absence of the mutants: ApocalypseWe explain to you in detail what the post-credits scene means and what implications it could have for the second season of the series!

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Has the age of Apocalypse arrived in X-Men 97?

In the post-credits scene X-Men 97one of the most iconic villains from X-Men stories makes a special appearance, entering the ruins of Genosha to resurrect one of the season’s fallen heroes.

Previously, after an attack orchestrated by Mister Sinister and Bastionthe sanctuary for mutants known as Genosha was the target of a painful genocide, where one of the members of the X-Men, Gambit, died.

In the scene, Among the ruins you can see a figure wearing a dark cloak, who it is estimated could be Apocalypse.

“So much pain, my children” the villain points out, burying his fist in the ground to raise a pile of dirt, and then throwing it to reveal among the ruins a card with the Queen of Hearts. “So much death”, the character concludes.

Although this scene lasts little, the Apocalypse’s visit to Genosha advances the line that the second season could bring with it: since everything indicates that the villain plans to bring Gambit back to life as his Horseman of Deathone of the members of the Four Horsemen of the original mutant.

This story happened in a similar way in the comics, where Apocalypse controls Gambit to force him to fight against the X-Men, who at the time They tried to free the hero from enemy control.

X-Men 97: What does THAT post-credits scene mean?
Image: Disney+

What will happen in the second season of X-Men 97?

Although the appearance of Apocalypse is extremely important for define the path the story will take in upcoming episodes, actually the second season of X-Men 97 is preparing to put on the table several other stories that already make it one of Marvel’s most ambitious animated productions to date.

On the one hand, the second part of the series will have three main plots happening in parallel: Forge and Bishop in his quest to recruit new members of the X-Men to find his friends lost in time; then the X-Men team trapped in the year 3000 BC along with another version of Apocalypse; and Jean and Cyclops dealing with the future in 3960 AD. Not to mention that at the moment, the whereabouts of Storm, Wolverine and Morph.

However, everything indicates that in fact, Apocalypse will be the main enemy of the next part of X-Men 97, and that the story will include many more mutants than in its first season.

On Bishop and Forge’s side of the search, it is estimated that the heroes could recruit mutants such as Magik, Dusk, Havok, Exodus, Iceman, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Archangel; although their objective could even take them to “other worlds” to bring characters who in the series have been marked as “outside the Earth”, to include them in the mission, such is the case of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

At the moment it is known that the third season of X-Men 97 is already in development, although the full animation status of the second is unknown, so It is estimated that it could last until the end of 2025, and even early 2026.

X-Men 97: What does THAT post-credits scene mean?
Image: Disney+
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