rise and fall of hammer training

Sponsored from production by the power of Juan Antonio Bayona, Sandra Hermida and Belén Atienza, the Catalan’s second film Laura Jou approaches a fascinating topic of contemporary Spanish reality: the excesses of elite sports training; those that have not infrequently brought the sports pages of newspapers to be close to the events pages. In this case, rhythmic gymnastics, although it is difficult not to think of a famous synchronized swimming coach seeing the role she plays. Belén Rueda, somewhat lost in the vacuous evil of a Snow White witch, and much better in the most vulnerable moments.

Movie about the competition (also in love) and about the decadence (of a way of training and living the sport, but also of the body, beauty and romantic relationships), Freefall Neither of them has been fully developed, nor is that of renunciation of motherhood, which is barely mentioned. Prim with its slow motions and aestheticism in its settings, it is neither social cinema nor denunciation, but it is not a thriller or horror film either. It’s a melodrama. And I could have been wild and crazy, If it had more depth inside.



  • Director:

    Laura Jou

  • Gender:


  • Country:


  • Synopsis:

    Marisol is the national rhythmic gymnastics coach. The World Championship is approaching and she places her trust in Angélica, the most promising of the team. Shortly before the tournament, Marisol discovers that her husband is unfaithful with a woman much younger than her with whom he is expecting a child, but she desperately tries to get him back. Her pain carries over to training, where she becomes more implacable with Angelica.

  • Script: Bernat Vilaplana

    Distribution: Belén Rueda, María Netavrovana, Ilay Kurelovic, Irene Escolar, Manuela Vellés

    Duration: 90 min.

    Verdict: Aestheticism of crudeness in certain elite sports.

    Distributor: Universal

    Premiere: 5/17/2024

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