‘Mortal Kombat 2’: Karl Urban’s Johnny Cage sets a date for its theatrical debut

‘Mortal Kombat 2’: Karl Urban’s Johnny Cage sets a date for its theatrical debut
‘Mortal Kombat 2’: Karl Urban’s Johnny Cage sets a date for its theatrical debut

Mortal Kombat 2′, the sequel to reboot film based on the popular video game saga by the filmmaker Simon McQuoid, finally has a release date in theaters. So much so, that we can enjoy the new Johnny Cage of Karl Urban -one of the stars of the superhero series ‘The Boys‘ of – starting next October 24, 2025. A production that has suffered countless setbacks and problems – with strikes by scriptwriters and performers involved – but which finally marks its arrival in cinemas around the world.

‘Mortal Kombat 2’ and Karl Urban’s new Johnny Cage

So, Warner Bros. Discovery sets the premiere of ‘Mortal Kombat 2′ almost a year and a half in advance due to a long list of the company’s upcoming films that are already on the waiting list for release in theaters between this year and next. Thanks to this, it is expected that the film can receive the appropriate treatment at the level of post-productionwith all the digital effects polished to the max.

Among the cast of ‘Mortal Kombat 2′ we find names like those of Lewis Tan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Joe Taslim, Jessica McNamee, Mehcad Brooks and Max Huang who return from the first part, although the great attraction of this sequel is the debut of Karl Urban In the role of Johnny Cageone of the most iconic fighters in the video game franchise, currently in the hands of NetherRealm Studios.

Although he will not be the only fighter to debut compared to the first part, but we will see other mythical warriors such as Baraka, Kitana, Jade, Quan Chi and Shao Khanamong others, promising even more brutality and violence than in the first part of 2021. Let us remember that the previous film in the saga barely managed to surpass the 80 million dollars at the box office due to the complicated timing of its release, with the pandemic still affecting the influx of audiences in movie theaters and large events.

Mortal Kombat 2′ opens in theaters on October 24, 2025.

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