Marvel Studios announced important news for the creation of its series

From Marvel Studios they continue working on the way improve your audience reach and how to rebound in numbers that at some point they considered him to be the highest in the entertainment industry.

Under this context, a week ago they announced an important change in strategy in accordance with their premieres, aiming to prioritize quality over quantity.

Now, they announced other internal movements within the company that are related to the way they will work each of their projects, dividing the spaces under specific studies.

Specifically, in addition to Marvel Studios as the central focus for the Cinematographic Universe, we will have back the division of Marvel Television which will be added to Marvel Animation.

Marvel Studios, the main one, will be in charge of the films that they shape the UCM; Marvel Television will be in charge of the different series that complement the franchise. It must be remembered that this firm was in charge of titles such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.the Defenders saga on Netflix and others like Cloak & Dagger.

On the other hand, the resurgence of Marvel Animation will allow creatives to explore different animated proposals that don’t necessarily have to fit into the canon. His impulse came with the success of X-Men ’97 and there are already some ideas for the future.

What’s to come

It is important to highlight that this announcement is framed in the Disney Upfront 2024but in addition to giving these important news that account for the changes, information about upcoming releases was also revealed.

On the one hand, they confirmed the release date for Agatha All Along, a series that had previously gone through several titles. In short, this spin-off of WandaVision will be added to the Disney+ catalog next September 18, 2024.

With our sights set a little further into the future, who will also gain space in the MCU will be Matt Murdock, who is preparing for the premiere of his own series, Daredevil: Born Againset for March 2025even without specifying the day.

Finally, Ironheart will also make a name for himself in the franchise and is getting ready to debut his own show after first appearing in Wakanda Forever. Your series is scheduled for 2025although without details.

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