There is a movie that swept ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ without us realizing it. Now you can see it in streaming

It was a true critical and public success.

Both ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ were great films

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Last year we had a glorious moment for cinema. Two strong contenders appeared to win it all and have incredible quality. Both aimed at a fairly general audience and with absolutely masterful quality. We are talking, of course, about Barbie and Oppenheimertwo very interesting films that have a lot to offer the world of cinema, and that they also raised brilliantly both exceeding the barriers of 1,000 million dollars quite comfortably. However, this did not make them the most profitable films of their year, as there is one that surprisingly beat themalthough it raised a little less than these.

The most profitable movie

Mario and Luigi are the two most famous plumbers of all time. After their first foray into cinemas in the 90s – a real disaster – they have returned in 2023 to bring one of the funniest animated movies of recent years. Thus, movie and video game lovers come together to offer us a film with thousands of nods to the original video games while iconic characters from the saga such as Peach or Bowser appear in the amazing Mushroom Kingdom in which all these adventures happen in video games.

According to Deadline, the film has achieved an absolutely incredible profitability, by bringing the best characters of the franchise to the big screen, which has ensured a certain continuity to create a saga or franchise and encourage other video games to create their own adaptations. .

Super Mario Bros: The Movie It was not the film of 2023 that grossed the most. He has so much ahead of him Barbie like Oppenheimer, two true heavyweights in their respective genres. However, there is a reason why the tape He has comfortably defeated his rivals and this is due neither more nor less to the fact that It is the most profitable film ever releasedlargely because His expenses were much more humble than those of its rivals They had an incredible amount of marketing, promotion and production expenses.

Thus, the film about the plumber brothers has been able to win over Universal and Nintendo 559 million dollars, a gigantic figure that surpasses its rivals by quite a distance. And it is that Barbie which was a real success had much more budget and that also had an impact on its profitability 421 million dollars again according to Deadline.

And it is that films aimed at children They tend to be real fundraising machines. even when they are not very successful at the box office and this is because They are cheaper to produce. Fact that makes movies like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Paw Patrol: The Super Movie They are real bombshells for the production companies.

Where to watch ‘Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’

In Spain we have a viable option to be able to see Super Mario Bros: The Movie And this is via Movistar+ which also has an extensive catalogue.

Watch ‘Super Mario Bros: The Movie’ on Movistar+

If we have a subscription to the platform we can enjoy the work whenever we want, although it is also usually be able to enjoy the Movistar+ film channels quite recurrently.

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