Blumhouse dates its most anticipated horror sequels for 2025

Five Nights at Freddy’sbased on the video game Scott Cawthorn, premiered in October 2023 and was a success. The devastating reviews didn’t matter, because with 78 million dollars in its first weekend Five Nights at Freddy’s the best premiere in the history of Blumhouse and, at the end of last year, also the highest-grossing horror film of 2024. Which was not a bad thing for Blumhouse, as it dealt with the disappointment that its reboot of The Exorcist with David Gordon GreenSubtitled Believer.

Today Blumhouse wants to return to “restart” the saga of William Peter Blattytesting no less than Mike Flanagan While Gordon Green has been removed from the scheduled sequel, Deceiver. It is a delicate franchise to manage, but in the meantime the production company of Jason Blumallied with Universal for worldwide distribution, is not going to let the vein of Five Nights at Freddy’s. In the CinemaCon last April it was announced that there was going to be a sequel with Emma Tammi returning to the address (we do not know if he will do so Josh Hutcherson as the protagonist), and now Hollywood Reporter clarifies release date.

Blumhouse has designed an entire calendar for 2025, so not only Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 look for a place in it, but also another hugely anticipated sequel: M3GAN 2.0which would continue the story of that diabolical doll where we left it at the beginning of 2023. The dates are like this: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will arrive December 5, 2025while M3GAN 3 is slightly delayed from the estimated date: from May 16 to June 27th. They are not the only horror sequels with a confirmed date, as there has also been a change for the continuation Black Phonethe film of Scott Derrickson with Ethan Hawke as psycho killer: Black Phone 2 goes from June 27 to October 17, 2025.

And there is more. dropanother horror film that we don’t know much about, will be released on April 22. While The Woman in the Yard will arrive a month early, March 28, 2025. This is the new film of our Jaume Collet-Serrawhich would star Danielle Deadwyler after staying at the doors of the Oscar with Till, the crime that changed everything.

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