George Lucas had a Plan B in case Star Wars failed at the box office, and Harrison Ford was not included in it

George Lucas had a Plan B in case Star Wars failed at the box office, and Harrison Ford was not included in it
George Lucas had a Plan B in case Star Wars failed at the box office, and Harrison Ford was not included in it

The first “sequel” to Star Wars could not be seen in theaters, but it can be read in a book

At this point it may seem strange to us that a film of the star wars saga failed to accumulate a good number of millions at the box office. However, in 1977, at the time of the release of the first film in the saga, Not even George Lucas was sure of success that I would have. So much so that I had a Plan B in case the sequel had to be produced on a much more modest budget, as if it were an authentic Series B production.

Saving every dollar

This Plan B materialized in the form of a novel: The mind’s eye. This work, written by Alan Dean Foster and published in 1978, it was conceived as lthe first official Star Wars sequel, even before the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back. In this novel, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia embark on an adventure to the planet Mimban in search of a mysterious crystal that amplifies the abilities of the Force. A much more contained story that wanted to save Lucas from making a large investment in production.

But the overwhelming success of what would later be known as Episode IV: A New Hope meant a generous injection of millions into Lucas’s bank account, which translated into an increase in the budget for the development of the next film. Hence George Lucas discard his first and most modest idea. The story was licensed to become a stand-alone novel that continued the first film while Luca focused on shaping The Empire Strikes Back as we know it today. Although The Mind’s Eye It is not considered canon within the Star Wars universe.some of his ideas and concepts have ended up influencing later products in the saga, such as the animated series and the Han Solo solo film.

In a recent interview with Alan Dean Fosterthe author of the novel, explained how he approached writing The Mind’s Eye with the aim of spend as little money as possible. This was reflected in the reduction in the number of locations, focusing on foggy forests and caverns, and forgoing complicated special effects shots filled with spaceships. One of the most striking details is the drastic character reductions, including Han Solo’s absence. At the time of writing the story, Harrison Ford had not yet signed his contract for a second Star Wars film, which led to his exclusion from the plot in case they could not count on his presence on screen.

Furthermore, Foster mentions that His contact with Lucas during the writing process was minimal., which allowed him considerable creative freedom and revealed that even at that time that story became a completely secondary product for the creator of the Star Wars franchise. Although The Mind’s Eye did not make it to the big screen, its influence endures in the franchise to this day and some of its ideas have gradually permeated and appeared in current Star Wars projects, such as the animation series.

Cover of the comic adaptation of The Mind’s Eye

The strange and small additions to the galactic mythology that appear in this story, such as certain peculiarities of the functioning of The Force, make it a very rare piece of Star Wars mythologyis also one of the most beloved stories by Star Wars fans precisely because of its uniqueness.

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