We will finally have a new installment of the spooky horror saga

We will finally have a new installment of the spooky horror saga
We will finally have a new installment of the spooky horror saga

When we thought everything was over, the sixth installment of Insidious is a reality

Ready for a new dose of terror?

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A family tries to prevent evil spirits from taking over their comatose son in a kingdom called The beyond, this is how the first installment of one of the most acclaimed horror genre franchises of recent times is summarized. Although more than a decade has passed since its release, the production directed by James Wan has everything it needs to rub shoulders with the best horror films of 2024 available on Netflix. Therefore, it is never enough for the followers. The premiere of the next installment is scheduled for the summer of 2025 and from now on, it is giving a lot to talk about.

Blumhouse Productions’ most important franchise has a new member


The new installment of Insidious promises to scare us with fear

Thanks to Jump Scares most terrifying in history, Insidious Not only is it part of the horror films not suitable for the faint of heart, but it has served as the basis to sustain one of the most successful franchises of recent times.

Through a statement issued by Sony, it was recently announced what many expected, a new installment is coming and August 29, 2025 is its release date. In this way, it joins the list of productions scheduled for the summer, among which are Vicious and the aftermath of The Bad Guysand 28 years later.

Since its debut in 2010, Insidious has become a giant of terror. Contrary to what many may have speculated, the variety of directors who have tackled the different projects has not compromised quality; on the contrary, the talent contributed by each of them is the hallmark of the franchise.

In 2023, Insidious: The Red Door achieved unprecedented success. Under the direction of Patrick Wilson, Chapter 5 sets out the story of the Lambert family almost a decade after the events of the second chapter. Throughout the development, we witness the sinister terrors that are part of the family’s dark past, and the way in which they try to neutralize their demons forever. However, when it seemed that everything was said, the announcement of the sequel sets off alarms.

What to expect from the sixth installment of Insidious?


It seems that the sixth installment will follow the events of his last film

Although everything seemed to indicate that the next project to join the franchise would be the spin-off directed by Jeremy Slater, Thread: An Insidious Talewhich has been reported to be released this year, is likely to the continuation of the fifth chapter be a full sequel that will continue to explore the central plot.

The reason for this hypothesis is that, taking into account the impact generated by its predecessor, the study’s desire to further exploit a formula that has been giving very good results is logical.

In this way, while the sipin-off starring Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani, follows the plot of a couple who end up involved in a series of supernatural events while grieving after losing their daughter, Zoe, It is speculated that the sixth installment seeks to continue the plot thread of Insidious: The Red Doorespecially considering the flickering lights above the sealed door of The Furthergiving indications that the evil hidden behind remains active.

Although nothing is clear in the absence of an official announcementwhat we do know is that in each installment, both movie buffs and specialized critics have praised the skill in taking advantage of the techniques used in the world of cinema to generate terror, so we are convinced that many shocks await.

In short, until now, Insidious It is one of the best orchestrated horror franchises of recent times, which increases expectations around the premiere of its sixth installment. Although the rumors do not rule out that the plot will be a thread derived from Theread: An Insidious TaleUntil now, It is known that it is a sequel to Insidious: The Red Door. For now, all that remains is to wait for its arrival on August 29, 2025 and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the titles that make up the saga.

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