Today on TV, one of Tom Cruise’s definitive films with one of his best performances – Movie news

Today on TV, one of Tom Cruise’s definitive films with one of his best performances – Movie news
Today on TV, one of Tom Cruise’s definitive films with one of his best performances – Movie news

A still iconic phenomenon

It is synonymous with the most spectacular and exciting action cinema of this century, but Tom Cruise’s career has been example of much more. For decades he was balancing working with the most prestigious directors with leading projects where he shined, but were also extremely popular.

This is the case of Jerry Maguire, one of the most iconic romantic comedies of the nineties. Also one of the best films connected to sports, with Cruise under the command of Cameron Crowe and sharing the cast with Renée Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr. The film will be able to be seen today on television through La 1 de la Televisión Española starting at 11:50 p.m.

Jerry Maguire is a skilled 35-year-old sports agent working for Sports Management International. After criticism from the son of an injured player triggers a life-changing epiphanywrites a statement of intent about the dishonesty he perceives in the sports management business and his desire to work with fewer clients in order to establish a better, more caring personal relationship with them.

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However, Jerry’s new perspectives do not jibe with his work ethic, and he is immediately fired. Jerry will have to carry out a new company alone with only one of his former clients and with the only support of a single mother office worker with whom he will establish a relationship that will go beyond the professional.

Based on the experiences of authentic sports representatives, as well as some memoranda that describe business ethics, Crowe shaped this particular character. One that Cruise elevates and takes it to its greatest possible extremesbeing truly hilarious in the process.

‘Jerry Maguire’: a festival of iconic moments

The film has just enough of an over-the-top touch of a ’90s movie that the lack of realism of their romance doesn’t bother you. One that is also full of iconic momentswith phrases that have remained engraved in the collective memory due to their hook and the fervor that the film caused, as is the case of “You convinced me just by saying hello” or “Show me the dough.”

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More than 270 million dollars raised worldwide, becoming an important film at the Oscars that year with five nominations (and with Cuba Gooding Jr. winning in the best supporting actor category). Everything represents the fervor that was Jerry Maguire at the time, but the truth is that it is one of those films that continues to conquer today.

You can see Jerry Maguire on La 1 from 11:50 p.m.

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