Road House 2 already has the perfect villain replacement

Road House 2 You already have the perfect villain replacement for Conor McGregor’s Knox

Road House 2 is officially happening with Jake Gyllenhaal returning to play Elwood Dalton, but If Conor McGregor doesn’t return as Knox, Road House 2 He already has the perfect villain replacement. The remake trend is still quite popular in the film industry, and a recent addition was the 1989 action film road House. Directed by Rowdy Herrington, road House introduced James Dalton (Patrick Swayze), a professional but dangerous goalie. road House got a remake on Prime Video with Doug Liman directing and Gyllenhaal as Elwood Dalton.

road House followed former UFC middleweight fighter Elwood Dalton, who accepted a job as a bouncer at road House in the Glass Key community in the Florida Keys. However, Dalton soon discovered that it was not an easy job as the community was run by crime boss Ben Brandt (Billy Magnussen), who viewed Dalton as a threat. When the psychotic enforcer Knox arrived, Dalton realized that not only he but also the Glass Key community was in great danger. The success of road House led to a sequel being greenlit, but McGregor’s return was not confirmed; fortunately, Road House 2 He already has his perfect villain replacement.

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Road House 2 may officially introduce Ben Brandt’s father as his villain

The return of Conor McGregor in Road House 2 has been called into question due to an Instagram story he shared in which he congratulated the team behind the first film and wished them luck. While this doesn’t confirm that he won’t be reprising his role as Knox, it does raise the question of who the villain could be. Road House 2 if Knox doesn’t come back and, fortunately, road House He’s already established his best next villain. Ben Brandt was the local crime boss whose henchmen picked on the residents of Glass Key, particularly those who owned different businesses, such as road House.

However, Brandt’s position was thanks to his father. Ben’s father was in prison, which was why Ben was in charge, but his father still had a lot of influence and control over Ben and his “business”, he even called his son from prison quite frequently, but Ben still ignored him. your calls. It was Ben’s father who called and hired Knox because he didn’t trust Ben, and tasked him with defeating Dalton so they could take over. road House.

At the end of road HouseBen was dead (killed by Knox no less), Knox was supposed to be dead but was revealed to have survived in a post-credits scene, and Dalton was alive and well, reasons enough for Ben’s father to want revenge. . Despite getting rid of Knox and saving road House (but not without causing a lot of damage), Dalton left the Glass Key, which is even more motivation for Ben’s father to take full control and get revenge on him for everything he did.

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Ben Brandt’s father may be Wesley in the remake of road House

Although Ben Brandt was the mastermind behind the chaos in Glass Key and Knox was the enforcer, neither of them took the place of the original villain of road House, Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Like the Brandts, Wesley was a crime lord who controlled the city of Jasper, Missouri, where he used bribery, intimidation, and violence. Wesley’s goal was to take over all the businesses in town, including the Double Deuce. Wesley even tried to hire Dalton from Swayze, but the latter’s refusal angered him even more. Wesley became more violent after that and even had his men kill Dalton’s friend and mentor, Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott).

Wesley and his power over Jasper made him intimidating, but he was also a ridiculous villain, and his over-the-top, almost meaningless death only made it worse. Although Ben had his funny moments, he wasn’t as intimidating as Wesley, nor as ridiculous and sometimes disgusting as he was, but road House He hinted that his father could definitely fit that mold. Ben Brandt’s father may be the equivalent of Road House 2 to Brad Wesley, but hopefully, if he’s destined to die too, his death will be a lot more believable.

Ben Brandt – Road House

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