A chaos of design – The Rocket to the Moon

A chaos of design – The Rocket to the Moon
A chaos of design – The Rocket to the Moon

In July 2008 it premiered Batman: The Dark Knight (The Dark Knight), the second part of the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan about the famous millionaire in tights and a bat mask, played by Christian Bale. Next to him stood Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in a way never before achieved.

The character with the made-up face emerged at the same time as Batman. His creators – Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson – made him appear in the first comic of the saga published in 1940 by the publisher DC Comics. They were inspired by The man who laughs, a film by expressionist director Paul Leni (based, in turn, on the original novel by Victor Hugo) that portrays the life of Gwynplaine, the son of an English nobleman disfigured by order of the king. The result condemns him to a terrifying smile that distances him from everyone.

Towards the end of The dark knight, the Joker explains his philosophy of life to the battered Harvey Dent, the district attorney of Gotham City, a hero turned villain: “Do I really look like a man with a plan, Harvey? I don’t have a plan. The mafia has plans, the cops have plans. Do you know what I am, Harvey? I’m the dog chasing a car. I wouldn’t know what to do if he reached one. I just do things. I hate plans. Yours, theirs, those of all. Maroni has plans. Gordon has plans. They are schematic people trying to control their worlds. I am not so. I show them how pathetic their attempts to control things are (…) Establish a bit of anarchy, disrupt the established order and everything becomes chaos. I am an agent of chaos. And do you know what chaos has? It’s fair!”

At another point in the film, the Joker burns a stack of dollars in front of the stunned gaze of a mobster. A scene that perhaps replicates another, much more modest one from real life: when the singer and composer Serge Gainsbourg burned a 500 franc bill live from a television set. Of course, in the case of the singer, an almost professional provocateur, it was not about creating chaos but rather denouncing the French treasury for keeping 74% of his income (remember that the maximum rate of income tax in our country is 35%).

Contrary to the author of Prévert’s song, the Joker has no stated goals or agendas to accomplish, not even criminal ones. He is not looking to rob banks, traffic drugs or murder for money. As he explains it with brutal honesty, he hates plans and defines himself as an agent of chaos. He considers, incidentally, that a more just system than the current one could emerge from this chaos, but without that explaining his actions. That’s where his danger comes from. How to control someone who is not interested in money nor afraid of death?

He President of the Nymph’s Feet He is often defined as liberal-libertarian or even anarcho-capitalist, and some of his younger enthusiasts compare him to the Joker. In reality, he has very little of a liberal but much less of an anarchist. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that an anarchist, that is, a person who seeks to abolish the State and, by extension, all authority or social control that takes away degrees of freedom from the citizen, can place the Minister Pum Pum at the head of Security or even Luis Caputo, the Toto from the Championsin the Ministry of Economy.

Unlike Batman’s archenemy, Conan’s father does have an agenda, a detailed model that he seeks to implement at any cost, with a majority of losers and a few winners. The chaos generated – which we see every morning in the face of a new increase in rates, a new suspension of workers or a new grievance from the government – ​​is not synonymous with lack of control but quite the opposite: it is a planned chaos, a chaos of design.

The richest businessmen in the country who received the President with frenzy in the luxurious rooms of the Llao Llao hotel, overlooking the Nahuel Huapi, would never applaud an anarchist who proposed setting the country on fire to see what was left. On the contrary, they celebrated someone who defends his interests with the obstinacy of a faithful dog (dead or alive) and uses to do so all the power of that State that he claims he wants to destroy. While the Toto from the Champions step on salaries, Minister Pum Pum steps on the protesters. There is nothing less chaotic than the power of the State placed at the service of the establishment.

He President of the Nymph’s Feet It does not seek to destroy society, only a part: the one that, according to its constituents, is left over. He wants to end the populist anomaly that Javier González Fraga, president of Banco Nación during the Cambiemos government, described so well: “They made an average employee believe that his salary was used to buy cell phones, plasmas, cars, motorcycles and go abroad.” .

There is nothing random, there is no anarchism. It is a precise business plan, written in the velvety legal studies of the country’s main companies. It is, in short, a gigantic transfer of resources from the bottom up, like those we already suffered with the last civil-military dictatorship, with the governments of Carlos Menem, Fernando De la Rúa and Mauricio Macri, the first time of the chainsaw government.

Milei is not the Joker.

It is José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz.


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