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Indonesia is a country that is interested in genre cinema and horror is one of its specialties. The Netflix premiere of Monster (2023) is a good time to see some of that cinema, but with the caveat that it is a product created especially for said platform, so it can gain in some technical things but at the same time some identity is lost in the way. The good news is that it is a small product, with a clear direction and no pretensions. An 84-minute film that moves through the purest terrain of genre cinema, without ever seeking to stray from it or invent anything. For many, with reason, it may sound routine, for others, also with reason, it can be seen as a healthy feature film made to entertain without twists.

A sinister man is driving slowly down a school block in his black car. His evil presence is clear, and when a boy and girl sharing a bicycle pass him, it is more than evident that he has chosen them as his next victims. They are both kidnapped by the man and taken to a house in the middle of nowhere. This place is prepared to take photos of children in what is assumed to be just the beginning of a pedophile network. But the kidnapper also seems prepared to get rid of the kidnapped children as well. The entire film bases its suspense on knowing whether or not the children will manage to escape from the place.

With less than ninety minutes, director Rako Prijanto puts together a fun film, full of effective moments, with several moments that require the viewer’s complicity to accept the excesses and with a spirit of permanent cat and mouse structure where not a single one is missing. just the clichés of this type of film. There are some quotes from other films and among so much monstrosity, however, a feeling of cinematic pleasure emerges. With little is enough Monster to hit the nail on the head without worrying about anything else. The film does not have any dialogues, which reinforces its cinematic universality.

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