Captain America names the Brad Pitt movie he hates the most

Captain America shares his opinion on Brad Pitt’s least favorite movie

Steve Rogers reflects on existence in the latest issue

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Throughout the run of Marvel Studios films, the Captain America always kept a list with which he could catch up, but now we know that he was able to change it by naming the movie Brad Pitt for which he feels the greatest contempt. in the comic Captain America #8, Steve Rogers reflects on his relationship with death. This line of thinking takes him to the movies and, during the battle, he reveals that he hates a particular movie that starred the famous actor. Brad Pitt. The number starts with Captain America fighting against a demonic horde that leads him to consider his own existence.

Captain America shares his opinion on Brad Pitt’s least favorite movie

He Captain America He points out that cinema and literature have good examples of the personification of death, but he has no qualms about pointing out one in particular: Do you know Joe Black?. He Captain America He does not hesitate to cast doubt on the film, saying that he never remembers the title because it was so bad that he decided to cross it out. In the version of Steve Rogers that was seen in the MCU, Captain America joined the Avengers and set out on a quest to catch up on the cultural milestones that had been missing while frozen.

Captain America Brad Pitt UCM

Captain America does not hesitate to show his contempt towards Do you know Joe Black?

The movie Captain America: Civil War showed the beginning of this enormous list that included musicians, movies or television series. Some examples that were included in the list were the Beatles, Star Wars either Star Trek, among many other phenomena. As time went by, the list changed as it adapted to its new life in modern times. Later, the Captain America gave the list to Bucky Barnes as a way to help you cope with the situation you led him to become the Winter Soldier.

Now, Marvel Comics has decided to wink at Do you know Joe Black?the comedy-drama that premiered in 1998 and starred Brad Pitt. The film shows how Death decides to take a vacation to live as a mortal for a day. Also starring Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlanithe film was a failure both critically and commercially.

Now we know that Captain America was also not a fan of Do You Know Joe Black?. Although it is true that it is not explained why the Captain America hated the movie so much, he seems to have good reasons for feeling that way. If the movie was on Steve Rogers’ list in Marvel Studiospossibly he would have decided to exclude her.

The comic Captain America #8 It is now available.

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