Monster, the new Indonesian film on Netflix that terrifies its viewers without a single dialogue

The Asian film surprised millions of subscribers to the Netflix platform, who were responsible for placing it at the top of the platform after watching it.

The worst terror of any parent is having their children touched. In Monster, a new Indonesian film that has thousands of viewers on the edge of their seats, two little They face a macabre scenario that does not have any dialogue, but enough screams and sounds to understand, as receivers, the terrifying story they are experiencing.

What is the movie Monster about?

It all begins when Alana and Rabin, two little children, They leave their school in order to walk to the river in their hometown, and get lost among the pages of recently rented comics at a library in your neighborhood. However, Their innocent plans go awry when a man approaches them, drugs them, gags them, and unfortunately, kidnaps them.

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The guy travels for hours with the minors in the trunk of his car, and arrives at a cabin installed in the middle of a desolate mountain, so that they will never be found, but little Alana is smart enough to sneak away while they take her friend, Rabin, to the house. The desperate cries of her confidant of mischief are what stop her from escaping, and she returns to the place, in order to save him.

What the minor did not imagine was that by entering and trying to be the heroine of the story, He was going to encounter macabre scenes and situations that put the viewer on alert during the 84 minutes that the film lasts. A fiction that, on many occasions, is portrayed with the reality of thousands of minors, victims of kidnapping around the world.

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Written by Alum Sudio and compared to feature films such as Mike Flanagan’s Hush and John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, Monster It is already in the TOP of the most watched on Netflix, users being the biggest causes of this fact. Did you see her?

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