Patriot is not as powerful as Superman for this reason

Patriot is not as powerful as Superman for this reason
Patriot is not as powerful as Superman for this reason

These are the things that make Superman and Patriot have very marked power levels

DC’s Superman and The Boys’ Patriot are completely different characters

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In the world of superheroes, two names resonate strongly, Patriot from The Boys and Superman, one of the best DC Comics characters. Both have extraordinary abilities that position them as almost invincible beings in their respective universes. However, when analyzing his abilities and the context in which they operatean inevitable question arises and that is who would win if a battle between the two became possible.

Seeing these characters from a moral perspective, are completely different from each other, since one represents good, while the other represents evil. Despite this, they have certain similarities in their powers and that is fair what we should consider if we imagine a conflict in which they use their maximum potential. In the following information, you we leave more details on the topic.

Patriot vs Superman: who would win?

The Boys: Patriot is not as powerful as Superman for this reason

Superman has more power than Patriot from The Boys

To answer this question, it is essential understand the differences in the representation of power within their respective universes. In the world of The Boys, the powers, although impressive, are kept within a relatively tangible range. Patriot, being the most powerful of the “Seven”, represents an iota of strength, but not a divine being.

In contrast, the DC universe elevates Superman at an almost divine level. Its power is not only superior in magnitude, but also encompasses a broader range of skills. Super speed, x-ray vision, invulnerability, and the ability to fly are just a few. examples of his arsenal. For example, here we leave a detailed analysis of the powers of both characters:

  • Force: Patriot possesses superhuman strength, capable of lifting planes and destroying buildings with ease. However, Superman greatly surpasses him, moving planets and moons without apparent effort.
  • Speed: Patriot can reach incredible speeds, but Superman is even faster, capable of exceeding the speed of light, although without surpassing the Flash.
  • Durability: Both characters are practically invulnerable to conventional weapons and even energy attacks. In this aspect, Superman stands out because he has greater resistance, capable of withstanding nuclear explosions and extreme temperatures to which few beings would be exposed.
  • Vision: Patriot has laser vision, but Superman’s is more powerful and versatile, allowing him to see through solid objects and emit heat rays.
  • Flight: Both characters can fly at high speeds, but Superman reaches much higher speeds and can travel through space without difficulty.

The difference between Patriot and Superman It is not limited only to his physical powers. Psyche and morality also play a crucial role when it comes to the heroic realm. Patriot, despite his strength, is psychologically unstable and morally corrupt. His power has turned him into a self-centered tyrant who abuses his position to satisfy his own desires. Superman, on the other hand, represents an ideal of heroism and justice, since his moral compass guides him to use his powers to protect others and fight for the greater good.

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