Who is D3VIL or The Devil of Brooklyn, the latest real-life superhero from New York

D3V1L, a real-life masked superhero patrols the streets of New York aboard his electric skateboard. Also know as The Brooklyn Devil (The Devil of Brooklyn), is, apparently, the latest superhero from The New York Initiative (NYI)the superhero collective founded in 2009 in the best style of The Avengers or the Justice League that had up to 15 members.

Dressed in black, with his face covered with a tactical mask and his distinctive cap with devil horns – an outfit similar to that of Daredevil, the Marvel superhero from the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York – D3V1L is still active on the streets, protecting the innocent from sexual predators and other forms of violence.

More than a crime fighter or a superhero, D3VIL It is considered a “violence interrupter.” EITHER “a protector of people“, as he told the newspaper New York Post in a recent interview.

His suit (more precisely, the belt, like Batman) is equipped with a knife, flashlight and first aid kit. Of course, he avoids using firearms and prefers to call the police when the situation requires it.

D3V1L has a tactical support group –all of secret identities protected with masks and superhero names– that provide you with precise information for your night patrols and protection tasks. They are: Spectral Hawke (cyber investigation and criminal law), Matrix Discord (technology), Berylvale (ex-military, mission analysis and support expert), bones(medicine and private security), E0N (military intelligence specialist and detective) and Next (a superheroine expert in missing persons cases).

The Brooklyn Devil says that he also travels incognito – that is, in civilian clothes, that is, in civilian clothes and with his face revealed? – on the New York subway, intervening in violent situations and sexual assaults when it is necessary. He claims to have prevented several crimes, including an alleged rape.

In his quest to protect the defenseless on the streets of New York, this protector often works alone, like Superman. and does not hide his disappointment at the stampede of his former superhero companions from NYI over the years.

“I realized that most of them only liked to wear spandex (lycra), and dress up when it wasn’t Halloween,” he told New York Post. “Some were trying to become famous, or use my equipment to create merchandising opportunities and money cash for themselves.”

Superman was the first widely acclaimed superhero. He appeared in Action Comics #1 in June 1938, and is considered the prototype for the many superheroes with superhuman powers that followed him. (Image: Getty Creative)

Emerging from comic strips or comic strips in the 1930s, superheroes have established themselves in the 21st century as one of the world’s most recognizable pop culture productsin a variety of media and supports such as cinema, television, cartoons, video games, toys, clothing and many more.

We know Daredevil, Superman and Batman well, almost to the point of saturation; Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Hulk and Aquaman; to the Fantastic Four, Flash and Black Panther, just to mention a few of these popular characters with powers or abilities superior to those of ordinary people, dedicated to fighting crime and the forces of evil.

In general terms, superheroes are characterized by having, each one, its own origin story; for wearing tight, colorful suits or uniforms; for hiding his true identity; for his exaggerated muscularity, and for (almost always) his bravery, moral integrity and dedication when protecting the innocent.

Among their most common powers are usually superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance, as well as the ability to fly and also telekinesis, elasticity, superior intelligence, skin regeneration, manipulation of metals or energy, among many.

In recent years, Israeli actress Gal Galdot has given life to Wonder Woman, the most popular superheroine of all, created in 1941 (Photo: AP).In recent years, Israeli actress Gal Galdot has given life to Wonder Woman, the most popular superheroine of all, created in 1941 (Photo: AP).
In recent years, Israeli actress Gal Galdot has given life to Wonder Woman, the most popular superheroine of all, created in 1941 (Photo: AP).

Some of them, like Superman or Captain Marvel, come from other planets. Others, like Hulk or Spider-Man, They are products of scientific accidents. There are also mythological creatures in the realm of superheroes such as Thor, the Norse god of thunder, or Wonder Woman, who is an Amazon; mutants like the X-Men, and billionaires dedicated to delivering justice like Batman or Iron Man.

There is also a figure that occupies a special place in the mythology of superheroes: the archvillains, as those villains are known who serve as the main and most significant adversary of a superhero or a group of superheroes. The archvillains, a term from comics, They are the superhero’s most formidable and enduring enemy or nemesis..

That’s Joker for Batman, Lex Luthor for Superman, Magneto for the X-Men, the Green Goblin for Spider-Man, Red Skull for Captain America or Cheetah for Wonder Woman. The archvillains, who usually have a significant impact on the life and history of the superheroappear repeatedly in the narratives, pushing the superhero to the limits of his capabilities in a continuous conflict that will never have a definitive end.

The Joker or the Joker is the archvillain par excellence, Batman's unbeatable adversary. Archvillains are an inherent element of the superhero genre (Image: Wikimedia Commons)The Joker or the Joker is the archvillain par excellence, Batman's unbeatable adversary. Archvillains are an inherent element of the superhero genre (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
The Joker or the Joker is the archvillain par excellence, Batman’s unbeatable adversary. Archvillains are an inherent element of the superhero genre (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The New York Initiative was born on October 3, 2009, when four men moved to New York from their respective states to form this community of real-life superheroes: Z (from Pennsylvania), Zimmer(from Texas), TSAF (from Michigan) and Lucid (from Pennsylvania).

As can be read on the organization’s website https://newyorkinitiative.com/, the four trained, organized and consolidated the basic ideals of this group which, clarifies, is not associated with any law enforcement agency or branch. This group is identified with the following logo:

“We are a formed collective actively working to make New York a safer and better place,” the group says in its mission statement. “We focus on stopping violent crime and humanitarian missions through de-escalation tactics and direct action. Who wants to live in the ‘future’ without a few superheroes?”.

Two years later, with the appearance in the documentary Superheros, by Michael Barnett, the group became better known and recruitment expanded. By then, Zimmer, Lucid and TSAF had left, and only Z remained of the originals. Not long after, Short Cut, Snipe and Blitz They joined the initiative.

That 2011, the NYI dedicated its efforts to four specific cases: a gang of West Village robbers; the Park Slope rapist (a man who sexually assaulted two teenagers in his apartment after giving them drugs); the Occupy Wall Street movement and the long island serial killerresponsible for at least 11 murders, mainly young women, between 1996 and 2011.

As time went by, between missions in different parts of the city, superheroes came and went to NYI. Z left the group. Specterassumed the command position. They joined Doctor Adventure and Dark Guardian. Specter left the group, as did Dark Guardian.

Like any good superhero, D3V1L also has his origin story: according to the New York Post, He was raised by his ex-criminal parents. in Bushwick, a neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, he spent his childhood surrounded by bikers, meth addicts and sex workers.

This particular upbringing instilled in him the need to help the most vulnerable and stop abusers. It also helps and brings food to people living on the streets from Brooklyn.

Although the NYI page does not mention him among its original members, the New York Post assures that D3VIL founded this initiative as a team in 2009. He has patrolled neighborhoods and subways alone since 2015four years after the group’s expansion in 2011, after the appearance of the documentary Superheros.

D3VIL – a self-proclaimed “confessed leftist” – is described as an expert in field tactics. On the NYI website you can read: “he has applied knowledge in the areas of investigation, forensic sciences, criminology and criminal psychology. He is a practitioner of Muay Thai and boxing, as well as a gunsmith for the field team.”

Among the aliases he has used in his career are N3ur0myth, Johnny Knoww and the already mentioned, and feared by many, The Devil of Brooklynperhaps New York’s last real-life superhero.


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