a thriller full of occultism in the purest style of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

The film stars Maika Monroe (‘It Follows’).

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After several and very powerful promotional images, Neon has just shared the first official trailer of Longlegs. A film that already in its previews reminds us of the tension and darkness of other great projects such as the cult classic The silence of the lambs or even the first season of True Detective. However, the new material manages to convey even more bad vibes than its main references and from what it seems, it could become the great thriller of 2024.

LONGLEGS | Official Trailer | In Theaters July 12

Longlegs is starring Maika Monroebut it is also present in it Nicolas Cage, which he also holds in parallel as executive producer. The film is directed by the screenwriter and director Oz Perkins. A director whose filmography has focused especially on the horror genre, although before that leap he made his first steps as an actor in the 90sappearing in small title roles such as Six degrees of separation, Wolf or in the reboot of Star Trek released in 2009. Regardless of this background, the truth is that Longlegs It looks a priori at the level of one of the key works in the rise of his career. A cinematographic inheritance that he received from his father. Because yes, Oz Perkins is the son of the legendary actor Anthony Perkinsprotagonist of Psychosis.

Trailer for 'Longlegs': a thriller full of occultism in the purest style of 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Nicolas Cage is a producer and actor in ‘Longlegs’ (Neon).

What is ‘Longlegs’ about?

Trailer for 'Longlegs': a thriller full of occultism in the purest style of 'The Silence of the Lambs'
‘Longlegs’ (Neon).

The official synopsis of Longlegs is the next: “Lee Harker (Monroe), a talented new FBI agent, has been assigned to a cold case of a serial killer. As the investigation becomes more complicated and occult evidence is discovered, Harker realizes that there is a personal link to the ruthless killer and she must hide quickly to avoid another family murder.’

‘Longlegs’ (Neon).

In addition to Monroe and Cage, the film stars Alicia Witt, Blair Underwood, Dakota Daulby and Vanessa Walsh. The actor himself Pig He spoke about his role in the proposal, implying that he could be the murderer of the story since he is a character who “hears voices”, defining himself as a kind of ““Possessed Geppetto” who makes dolls. Additionally, he praised Perkins’ career as a legacy of his father: “I’m working with Oz, who you probably know. He’s pretty strong in the horror genre right now. But he’s actually Anthony’s (Perkins) son. Gretel and Hansel “It was fantastic.”

Darkness will be one of the recurring themes of the film. The promotional material is full of powerful images that, by themselves, already generate a certain tension through chiaroscuros in which the young agent finds herself immersed. Expectations are very high, this being a unique opportunity for Perkins to definitively demonstrate his talent as a filmmaker.

Monroe: independent film star

original horror movies
‘it Follows’ (Neon).

Longlegs It is surely the independent film with the most aspirations of what this American has already starred in in her filmography. Despite being 30 years old, Monroe has been working as an actress since she was 12, debuting precisely in the genre that gives her the most joy, with Bad Blood. Later, she would earn that star status indie placing themselves at the orders of Sofia Coppola in The Bling Ring and starring in Adam Wingard’s first big hit, The Guest. However, in reality, the first horror phenomenon that would consecrate her as a key figure away from blockbusters at that time was It Follows. A story that will have its sequel this year under the title of They Followwith David Robert Mitchelle repeating behind the cameras.

Trailer for 'Longlegs': a thriller full of occultism in the purest style of 'The Silence of the Lambs'
‘It Follows’ (Neon).

Monroe, in the same way, has made his first steps in two blockbusters that did not work well at all. The fifth wave and Independence Day: Counterattack They crashed at the box office, also receiving very bad reviews from the international press. Which is why this Californian later redirected her career by returning to those second-line proposals with emerging filmmakers. In recent years she has been present in Villains, honey boy, The stranger and God’s bullet.

Spider-Man Noir
Nicolas Cage reprises the charismatic Marvel role.

For his part, Cage is more fashionable than ever and his recent preview of The Surfer at the Cannes Film Festival proves it. Ahead, in 2025 it has two highly anticipated titles. The first a horror story called The Carpenter’s Son, in which he will play the carpenter father of a child with supernatural powers (in a clear biblical reference). He will later return to superhero movies playing the noir Spider-Man in a series live action.

‘Longlegs’ (Neon).

Longlegs will hit theaters next September 27th.

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