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It just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and has left people a little confused, but the film that Francis Ford Coppola has been working on for the last 40 years, Megalopolis, it’s finally a reality. Although it still does not have a release date or distributor, it is possible that we could see it arriving in commercial movie theaters as a “cinematic event” in 2024. To move it forward, the director of The Godfather and other cinematic masterpieces has used his own money, no less than 120 million dollars, but he is absolutely happy he did it. According to what he said at the film presentation, having taken risks in his day to set up a winery is what has allowed him to do it, so he is not at all afraid of taking a new risk now: “I just took the money from that and I wouldn’t have had it if I hadn’t taken the risk and put it in the movie.”

Before Megalopolis, there have been many other films that have taken decades to make. Some, like Boyhood (Moments of a Life)of their own volition in the service of their story, while others have simply encountered problems along the way and have ended up being a production hell, often without a happy ending.

One of the longest production processes in history belongs to the film Mad Godan experimental fantasy and horror film that It could finally be a reality in 2021, after having been in limbo for 30 years.

Developed by director and visual effects artist Phil Tippett, The stop-motion animated film took three decades and a boost of self-esteem, but it ended up being a surprise when it premiered on Shudderthe famous streaming platform specialized in horror, after its previous appearance at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival.

Tippett had begun working on his project in the late ’80s, while working on the visual effects for RoboCopbut he abandoned it a few years later, after his work in Jurassic Park. It looks like, Tippett realized while working on Steven Spielberg’s film that times had changed, that stop-motion had given way to CGI and that there was no going back. Thus, he decided to park his project.

However, twenty years after that, he ended up returning to Mad Godpartly encouraged by his classmates: “They were the kids who had grown up with Robocop and all that and that’s what they wanted to do: work with lights, models and tangible things,” he told Guardian at the presentation of the film in Locarno, ensuring that, in his talks, there were always future professionals who offered him to work on his project and that he did not hesitate to accept. “On the weekends I would get 15 to 20 people. Not everyone had the talent or skill, but I would figure out the processes during the week. I asked them to do all the heavy lifting.”

Likewise, Tippett helped himself donations through the Kickstarter platform and finally, in 2021, Mad God It was a reality: “A corroded diving bell descends in the middle of a ruined city. From this object a murderer emerges, in order to explore a labyrinth of strange landscapes inhabited by the most grotesque characters,” reads its synopsis.

Once the rights were acquired by Shudder after passing through Locarno, the film ended up having a brief life in cinemas, as well as on the platform and also on AMC+ -where it can currently be seen in Spain-. And the criticism surrendered at his feet: with 91% in Rotten Tomatoesits practically perfect score proves that the wait was worth it.

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