the provocative film about the love between a lawyer and an alleged murderer that lasts 2 hours

Sometimes situations arise that question us morally: is it right or wrong to fall in love with a criminal?

Netflix has in its catalog one of the most morally controversial films of today. With a theme that challenges the viewer, “Mea culpa” will debate the actions of the protagonist and the people around her in dealing with this conflict.

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It was released this year, directed and scripted by Tyler Perry, with a great charge of eroticism and desire, it is a thriller that is a must-see for lovers of mystery and suspense. It lasts almost 2 hours, and is quite dynamic in its development.

What is Mea Culpa, a Netflix movie, about?

Plastic artist Zyair Malloy is accused of murdering his girlfriend, while criminal lawyer Mea Harper will take charge of the case as a defense attorney. Although the evidence seems compelling, Malloy claims to be innocent and convinces the lawyer of thiswho begins to be vvictim of his seduction and little by little he lets his guard down.

Mea finds herself dealing with marital conflicts that she tries to resolve through couples therapy, but they matter little as she gets carried away by the convincing arguments of the accused, and thus begins to fall in love with him, and they begin a passionate romance that will put her in danger. both the work and the life of the protagonist.

Trailer for Mea Culpa, Netflix movie

Embed – Mea culpa | Trailer in Spanish | Netflix

Cast of Mea Culpa, Netflix movie

  • Trevante Rhodes (Zyair Malloy)
  • Kelly Rowland (Mea Harper)
  • Sean Sagar (Kal)
  • Nicky Sagar (Ray)
  • Shannon Thornton (Charlise)
  • Ron Reaco Lee (Jimmy)
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