Why can’t Wolverine use his claws in new ‘Deadpool 3’ video? – Movie news

Why can’t Wolverine use his claws in new ‘Deadpool 3’ video? – Movie news
Why can’t Wolverine use his claws in new ‘Deadpool 3’ video? – Movie news

A fun commercial for the film gives us the answer to this mystery.

Deadpool & Wolverine is only two months away from hitting theaters, and all fans around the world are more than impatient for the highly anticipated release of this film. The third installment of the Deadpool saga, in addition to closing the trilogy, will also allow us to see Wade Wilson and Logan in the MCU for the first time.

Likewise, this film will mark the reunion between the iconic characters of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackmanafter 15 years, after the launch of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. For years audiences have been begging to see Jackman wearing the classic yellow and blue suit from the comics, and this film will finally make that dream come true, so, in the end, Deadpool 3 will be a feast of wishes come true.

On the occasion of the upcoming release of the feature film, the advertising campaign is in full swing at the moment, and one of the most recent commercials for the film has let us see a wolverine unable to remove his claws (similar to what was seen in the trailers), in the middle of a fight with Deadpool.

Logan, confused by the situation, asks Wade what he did to him, to which the Merc with a Mouth answers that he extracted some of his adamantium, to make something special for both of them. Then, Deadpool He takes out a tray with two cans of Heineken Silver beer, promoting the new edition of the adult beverage.

In the end, everything is a simple commercial for beer of Dutch origin, however, It is still striking how the entire promotion is done with the same sarcastic and humorous tone that the film will have.using real shots with the actors.

Even so, considering Deadpool’s irreverent and spontaneous personality, It wouldn’t be a surprise if in some scene in the film he actually stops a fight to break the fourth wall and make a commercial for the audience.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters in Mexico on July 25and although there is still no official date for the pre-sale of tickets by Cinépolis and Cinemex, it is very likely that it will begin in the coming days, since it is already active in the United States.

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