“I read the script and thought it wasn’t going to do the movie any good”

“I read the script and thought it wasn’t going to do the movie any good”
“I read the script and thought it wasn’t going to do the movie any good”

Glen Powell is one of the most followed actors of the moment and could have been a good box office hook for the return of the dinosaurs

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We are waiting to have confirmation about the filming of the revival of Jurassic Parkwhich could potentially reach theaters with the name Jurassic City, but while that happens today we have learned that a great Hollywood star, Glen Powell, refused to participate in the project led by Scarlett Johansson.

The artist, very popular these days after his time in Top Gun: Maverick and, more recently, in the romantic comedy Anyone But You starring alongside Sydney Sweeney, said in an interview with THR that he has great affection for the science saga. fiction. However, he believed that his presence in the film would not do her any good, so he declined Universal’s offer.

“Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of those things I’ve wanted to do my whole life. But I’m not doing that movie because I read the script and immediately felt like ‘my presence won’t help.’ And the script was fantastic. That movie is going to be fucking amazing.. It’s not about that. “It’s important to choose roles in which you make the audience happy and are happy yourself.”

It is not the only franchise to which he says no in recent times, he also refused to participate in a relaunch of The Bourne Saga. This, they say from THR, seems to have earned the actor a certain reputation for being picky, but it is good to see artists willing to say ‘no’ to a billion-dollar saga if they are not very sure that their presence in it will work in favor of the success of the work.

With Gareth Edwards (The Creator) as director and with Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey as main stars, this seventh Jurassic film is expected to hit theaters on July 2, 2024, shortly before the debut of James Gunn’s Superman and Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four.

Image | Anyone but you

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