One of the most applauded films of recent years, defined as “extraordinary,” is leaving Netflix

We travel to 1979, the year in which a group of young filmmakers set out to make a film for adults in a rural area of ​​Texas. Upon arrival they discover that the lonely old men who have hosted them are not exactly innocent and, while they try to turn eroticism into art, they will begin a desperate fight to save their lives.

This is how gruesome the synopsis of ‘X’, the film written and directed by Ti West in 2022 that, as of May 25, will disappear from the Netflix film catalog and will enter the limbo of titles without streaming distribution that must be rescued.


“Extraordinary and uncomfortable walk that Ti West invites us to take, uniting genres as if the seminal ‘Behind the Green Door’ (1972) by the Mitchell brothers with Marilyn Chambers and interracial sex (replicated here) and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ ( 1974) by Tobe Hooper (honored by West even in the crocodile part of ‘Death Trap’) were actually a single film,” noted Fausto Fernández in his review of ‘X’. “Single lubricious and bloody nightmare where desire and pain, and intercourse and murder, were inseparable parts of the same organic, animal and deeply human act.“.

Present in the collective imagination of horror fans since ‘The House of the Devil’ (2009) and ‘The Guests’ (2011), Ti West seemed to take a break from the big screen after the premiere of the irresistible ‘The Sacrament’ ( 2013). That long season dedicated to television was broken with ‘X’, a gem about seventies cinema, authorial desperation and desire for success that is corrupted by the violence and insane desolation of those who have surrendered to putrefaction. Without a doubt, one of the best slashers of the 21st century.

With the magnetic Mia Goth (‘The Wellness Cure’, ‘The Secret of Marrowbone’) as the protagonist, the cast also includes dedicated Brittany Snow, Kid Cudi, Martin Henderson and Jenna Ortega, the actress who that same year would become in one of the fundamental faces of the new ‘Scream’ (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, 2022) and that would become the big star of Netflix series thanks to the bombshell ‘Wednesday’.


But in ‘X’ it is Goth who, immersed in the role of her life thanks to a custom-built character, captures all eyes. This includes those of a director who, thanks to the good reception of the title and encouraged by his audience, was quick to announce that this was only the first installment of a trilogy that was already well underway.

This is how we get to ‘Pearl’ (2022), an essential prequel that takes us decades back in time to learn about the old woman’s youth, a farmer trapped by her dreams of greatness who has very serious empathy problems. Different family tensions and various despairs will hatch a villain who is already part of the lists with the best current horror movies to scare you.

The release date of ‘MaXXXine’, the closing of the ‘X’ and ‘Pearl’ trilogy, will be July 4, 2024 in the United States, but in Spain we still have no date…

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